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The quality of the photographs that we get with the mobile depend on 2 clearly differentiated factors: the quality of the lens and the software we use to shoot the snapshots.

The quality of the lens of our phone is immovable, and there is little we can do to improve it, but we will achieve a significant improvement in the shots if we use the appropriate software.

Top 10 Android Camera Apps

The native apps that incorporate many terminals do not manage to get all the "juice" out of the terminal's camera, and it is at that point that we have to consider install a complementary app to take better photos.

In today's post, we review 10 best camera apps for Android that will help us to obtain a significant improvement in the quality of our photos.

Camera MX

Camera MX is a free app for Android which includes various added functionalities and effects for our camera. The Camera MX app includes some features such as Tap to focus, zoom, GIF creation, countdown, and a handful of effects, filters, and overlays that allow us to adjust the shot in real time. It also includes various editing tools such as contrast, balance etc. and quite an interesting function that allows us to go back up to 3 seconds behind the shot to keep the best possible photo.

Download QR-Code Camera MX - Photo and Video Camera Developer: MAGIX Price: Free

Camera 360: Stickers and Filters

Don't be fooled by the name, though Camera 360 It includes a lot of filters and stickers. It is not the typical generic app to add 4 stickers to our photos. Have a powerful editor and a good handful of shot types and settings, like the tilt shift, posterizer, and a selfie mode that allows us adjust skin tone and make changes to the environment so that the photo is just the way we want it. On the other hand, Camera 360 can also be considered a great social network since it has an interesting community called world photography lab, where people can upload their own creative photos.

Download QR-Code Camera360: Best Filters, Selfies, Tag Developer: PinGuo Inc. Price: Free

Open Camera

The great asset of Open Camera is that it is an open source application. This means that the functionalities of the application do not stop growing, since the app is in a continuous optimization process. The amount of functionality is commendable: focus modes, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, face detection and even the possibility of activate the photo using voice commands or sounds (the shot is made if we make a noise, whistle or say "potato").

Download QR-Code Open Camera Developer: Mark Harman Price: Free


Rhetoric is a very popular free photography app on Google Play. With over 100 million users, Retrica has an arsenal of more than 100 filters that we can apply in real time and easily share on our social networks.

Download QR-Code Retrica - The Original Filter Chamber Developer: Retrica, Inc. Price: Free

A Better Camera

This app It picks up many of the functions of other specialized camera apps such as HD Panorama +, HDR Camera + and Night Camera +. Although it has a paid Pro version, its free features are enormous: white balance, exposure adjustment, ISO, flash mode, color effects, countdown, type of shot and even remove objects or people from a photo. Incredible!

Download QR-Code A Better Camera Developer: Almalence Price: Free


Camera functions VSCO Cam they are a bit concise, but where this app really stands out is in its editing work. Thanks to its photo editor we can adjust the temperature, add grain to the image, adjust the saturation and apply a large number of filters to leave the image just the way we want it. It also has its own social network where we can upload our best photos and share them with our friends.

Download QR-Code VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Developer: VSCO Price: Free


We can't make a list of the best camera apps for Android without mentioning ProShot. It is probably the best payment app (about $ 4.5) that we can find today in the Play Store to take photos. It has a chilling set of settings and functions: manual and automatic settings for exposure, flash, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, DSRL, night mode, action mode, aspect ratio, JPEG and RAW formats, zoom, countdown and many more options that will allow us to make the most of the camera lens of our Android terminal.

Download QR-Code ProShot Developer: Rise Up Games Price: € 4.99

Manual Camera

Many photo enthusiasts are not comfortable with the usual automated functions of most camera apps and prefer something that allows them more freedom of movement. That's just what Manual Camera offers, an app that will allow us to manually adjust every detail when taking a picture. Full control for the user.

With this app we can manually adjust shutter speed, focus, ISO, white balance, and exposure. A professional application that, yes, has a price of just over $ 3.

Download QR-Code Manual Camera Developer: Geeky Devs Studio Price: € 3.29

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is another professional app for photography lovers who mimics the manual functions of a DSLR camera. It has a more complete pro version, but it also has a free version. With her we can adjust the compensation and exposure time, ISO, control light metering, has focus mode, exposure bracketing and many other typical DSLR functions.

Download QR-Code Camera FV-5 Lite Developer: FGAE Price: Free


Autodesk's free photo app, Pixlr is more of an image editor than a camera as such, but since they have included the camera function we can take pictures and edit them with a huge accumulation of extra functionalities. From the typical brightness, contrast, focus and color correction adjustments to the more than successful filters, stickers, effects and other paraphernalia. Very easy to use and a whole world of possibilities. In addition, it is free.

Download QR-Code Pixlr Developer: 123RF Limited Price: Free

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