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Those of you who read The Android regularly will know that I have a certain predilection for Chinese mobiles. Emerging companies that are willing to give everything for prices that in other brands would be impossible to assume. It is not that devices like those of Samsung, Sony or Google do not appeal to me (on the contrary!), But let's say that there is a lot of life beyond the typical 4 brands. Brands like UMI, Xiaomi or the very Vernee , which I want to talk to you about today, they are real safe bets when it comes to renewing the terminal.

Vernee, power as a hallmark

The Vernee house currently has 3 terminals on the market: Vernee Apollo Lite, Vernee Mars and Verne thor, and in all of them it has chosen to offer a power above the average. Even your cheapest smartphone, the Vernee Thor, has 3 GB of RAM, so what barely exceeds the $ 100 barrier .

Vernee Apollo Lite Review

The Vernee Apollo Lite is the top of the range from the Vernee house, and is not for less. A terminal with impressive features for a very reasonable price. We will hardly see terminals like this around the table of $200. Having said that, we are faced with one of the best smartphones of 2016.

Design and finish

This new smartphone from Vernee features a sleek unibody design, in metallic finish with rounded edges. It has a screen of 5.5 inches, edged 2.5D and one 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution. A very careful terminal, with a premium finish in every rule.

Power and performance

Hardware is the strong point of Apollo Lite. It has one of the best processors on the market, the Helio X20 10-core clocked at 2.3 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage (expandable to 128 GB). With these features it is capable of moving heavy graphics without any problem and allows you to play the most demanding games with hardly any mess. A really competent terminal that It surpasses terminals such as the iPhone 6 or the Galaxy Note 5 in the Antutu benchmark.

Camera and battery

The device has a 16.0MP rear camera made by Samsung, allowing it to offer slightly above-average photographic quality. The front camera, on the other hand, stays in a few justitos 5.0MP. Recommendation: If we change the camera software for some other Google Play program (such as Zoom FX for example) we can get to increase its performance significantly.

The section related to the battery is another of the strengths of this terminal. It has a powerful reserve of 3180 mAh, making it possible to last 2 days without recharging comfortably. If we use it intensively, we can also reach the end of the day without major complications. In addition, it has the advantage of having a USB type C charger, which means that we can load the terminal in just over an hour. This is nice!

Other features

For Vernee's top-of-the-line range, he couldn't be left out of the fingerprint detector, which is located just below the rear camera. Also has 4G connectivity, dual SIM and all this wrapped by Android 6.0.

Price and availability

Vernee is currently promoting the brand, and we can find both the Apollo Lite, as well as the Mars and Thor models with significant discounts:

  • Vernee Apollo Lite : $199.99, about 179 euros to change.
  • Vernee mars : $199.99, about 179 euros to change.
  • Vernee Thor:$109.99, about 98 euros to change.

Bargains on GearBest | Vernee Special Promotion

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