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The Joker after a double session of Cine de Barrio

Today we have to remember all those phrases and jokes that, let's face it, time has not treated too well. In their day they were very popular, but like everything they end up boring and going out of style. And hey, if you find out you're still using any of these don't be offended… man!


That you do not find out about it!

Ok mickey

Let's move the skeleton


You sneaked in, Burt Lancaster!

Let's take a volt

Take Jeroma gumdrops

That you have been caught cod

Get out of the way that donkey meat is not transparent (And they can answer you with a "Not so demanding pork")



Take chestnut

Pa cool my lollipop

What are you doing By bitter kas

Fool lava

Fire the monkey that's rubber

What's up, buddy?

The master of the barrack

What's up, Pink Floyds!

What a ful from istanbul

Where are you going, Barabbas?


We get pimples from seeing you


Like scaffolding

I'm hungrier than a junkie dog

How are your wife and my children?

Yesterday I saw you, I pulled the cistern and I lost you

We'll see, said a blind man

Superman, bread sausage

I Goku, your Piccolo, I strong, your Mongol

Abanibi aborebe, I fart two come out and three smell

To the Indians, the horses are coming!

Seems to be lying



Thunder and lightning!


Cool mallet

Where are you going, pitcher soul?




Shut up karmele

I can't!

Hello, how are we?

Pa ’the takeaaaaaaaa up…

Weird, weird, weird ...

Three points colleague

Does it give you what? I was a sinful fist!

What the blonde says

Pos is going to be that no

You're dumb until lunchtime and all day after

See you soon, Lucas

Now you go and bark it

What's new Old man

What's up neng?

A little bit please

Does it tell you?

Take moreno


Come on let's go

Sayonara baby


I swear on snoopy

Mola cantidubi

Tarari I saw you

Chachi piruli juan pelotilla

Hello conch

Cool butt

Super cool

What biruji!

Pineapple for the boy and the girl

The monda lironda

Cool from Paraguay

What's up my friend


The law of the bottle, the one who throws it goes for it

Whistle whistle gorgorito

And what are you looking at? What fart you throw

The one who went to Seville, lost his chair

Santa rita rita what is given is not taken away

Speak cornet that I do not hear you

Boot bounces and explodes on your ass



Coward, hen, captain of the sardines!

Well you see truz

Arreando what is gerund

Ride here and pedal

I pyro vampire

Anyway, Serafin

One thing I tell you, a pear is not a fig

Goodbye crocodile

That? Coffee with an accent on the e for you the shit and for me the tea

Not even blas

Pedrín oysters

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