More than 30 online radios of alternative music without advertising

If you are one of those who cannot live without music and want to meet new artists and sounds, you cannot miss SomaFM. It is a platform that is supported by donations from its listeners, and has about thirty channels that broadcast music without interruption and without commercial advertisements. Come on, like a lifelong radio but without advertising between song and song.

Among the various stations that make up the SomaFM catalog we mainly find alternative / underground music, which goes from indie, through ambient, electronic, rock from the 70s and 80s, instrumental hiphop and many other genres far from the mainstream (there is even a station where we can listen to music "for when you're hacking").

Another interesting detail is that all songs are hand selected by SomaFM DJs and Music Directors. Something to keep in mind in the times we live in, where most playlists are made by algorithms and programs that decide what people like - or should like -.

Likewise, the platform offers several ways to listen to its different stations or “online radios”. On the one hand, we can feast the ears directly from its official website through your online player, Windows Media (128K), MP3 (256K, 128K) or AAC (128K, 64K and 32K). There is also an app for Android, iPhone and Mac.

List of ad-free online radios available on SomaFM

These are the 38 channels that we can find currently broadcasting in Soma:

  • Jolly Ol ’Soul: The best soul of the season.
  • Xmas in Frisko: SomaFM's crazy and eclectic Christmas mix. Not recommended for those who are easily offended.
  • Christmas Rocks !: Have a good indie / alternative holiday season!
  • Christmas Lounge: Relaxing Christmas rhythms and classic songs to listen to as a family.
  • SomaFM Specials: Christmas in a department store.
  • DEF WITH Radio: Music to hack. The DEF CON channel.
  • The Trip: Progressive trance / house.
  • Deep space one: Electronic deep ambient, experimental and space music. For indoor and outdoor exploration.
  • SF in SF Podcast: Science Fiction in San Francisco, a monthly series with author readings.
  • Seven Inch Soul: Vintage soul music from original 45 RPM vinyl.
  • Left Coast 70s: Soft rock from the 70s. You don't need to bring the yacht with you.
  • Underground 80s: British synthpop from the early 80s and a bit of New Wave.
  • Secret Agent: The perfect soundtrack for your stylish, mysterious and dangerous life. Only for spies!
  • Lush: Sensual and soft voices, mostly feminine, with an electronic influence.
  • ThistleRadio: Exploring the music of Celtic roots.
  • Fluid: Drown yourself in the electronic sound of instrumental hiphop, future soul, and liquid trap.
  • PopTron: Electropop, indie dance rock with sparkle and pop.
  • Drone zone: It is recommended to serve cold, compatible with most medications. Atmospheric textures with minimalist rhythms.
  • Beat blender: A late night mix of deep house and chill downtempo.
  • Boot Liquor: Root Americana Music for Cowboys.
  • Illinois Street Lounge: Classic bachelor, exotic and vintage music for the man of tomorrow.
  • BAGeL Radio: This is what an alternative rock radio should sound like.
  • Indie Pop Rocks!: New and classic indie pop songs.
  • Digitalis: Analog rock affected digitally to calm troubled hearts.
  • Folk Forward: Indie, alternative and sometimes classic folk folk.
  • Cliqhop idm: Little noises accompanied by rhythms from time to time. Smart dance music.
  • Dub Step Beyond: Dubstep, dub and deep bass. It can damage the headphones at high volumes.
  • Groove Salad: A very cool shot of ambient / downtempo rhythms.
  • Groove Salad Classic: The classic early 2000s take on a nice fresh plate of ambient / downtempo music and rhythms.
  • Space station soma: Ambient music for space and part-time electronics.
  • Suburbs of Goa: Asian world beats and beyond.
  • Mission control: Celebrating NASA and space missions wherever we go.
  • SF 10-33: Ambient music mixed with sounds from San Francisco's public traffic safety radio.
  • Sonic universe: Transcending the world of jazz with eclectic and avant-garde approaches based on tradition.
  • Metal Detector: From back to doom, progressive, sludge, trash, post, stones, crossover, punk and industrial.
  • Covers: Versions only. Songs you know by artists you don't know. We have you "covered".
  • Black rock fm: From the beach to the rest of the world for the annual Burning Man festival.
  • SomaFM Live- Live special events and reruns of past events.

Playlists are updated live, showing the last 15 songs that have just played on the station. There are also lists of the most listened to by people, and we even have the ability to set favorites or schedule automatic shutdowns. In short, a highly recommended radio to listen to music selected by humans, without ads and far from the typical and boring radio formula.

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