How to turn on or off the keyboard spell checker on Android

The keyboard of smartphones has undergone great improvements in recent years. We no longer only use it to write words, now it also includes emojis, Google searches, GIFs and many other things. As, for example, the spelling checker.

Android has a good handful of virtual keyboards, and many of them offer their own spell checker. Not bad, right? The bad thing about the concealer is that it does not offer anything new that we do not already get with the classic predictive text. All this without taking into account that it is a somewhat intrusive function (the keyboard can “read” what we type) and that, furthermore, it does not always work.

Predictive text has been improved remarkably over time, but there are still some keyboards that do not "tune" as much as they should in this regard. So, let's take a look at this alternative: the spell checker of a lifetime. How does it work? And the most important, How can we turn it on and off?

How Android's Spell Checker Works

How the corrector works will depend on the virtual keyboard that we use. For example, if we are using the Google keyboard for Android, GBoard, the corrector suggestions will appear in a line just above the predictive text.

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If we misspell a word, when we go back over it with the cursor, an expanded menu with possible corrections will appear.

Eye, we are not talking about the autocorrect which automatically changes words, but from a list of possible spelling corrections. At the end of the post we also explain, in any case, how to activate / deactivate the autocorrect.

How to activate the keyboard checker on Android

To activate the spell checker of our Android phone or tablet we must follow the following steps.

  • We go to the menu of "Settings”From Android.
  • Click on "Languages ​​and Text Input -> Spell Checker”.
  • We activate the tab and leave it in "Yes”.
  • Finally, we select the default checker (if we have several keyboards installed on the device).

How to turn off the spell checker

If we have the spell checker activated and we want to get rid of it, the steps to follow are exactly the same. All we have to do is disable concealer tab and leave it, logically, in "No".

As we mentioned, this is a function that is practically obsolete, since, with predictive text, which is also capable of learning our details and peculiarities when writing, we have more than enough.

How to enable / disable autocorrect on Android

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to misunderstandings over the phone is the famous "autocorrect." This function is integrated with the keyboard, and automatically substitute misspelled words or that do not make sense in context, for other words more chord.

Sometimes - in general - it comes in handy, but other times it makes corrections that radically change the meaning of what we wanted to write.

In any case, if we want to activate or deactivate the autocorrector, we must do it from here:

  • Let's go to the «Settings»From Android.
  • Click on «Languages ​​and text input«.
  • We select «Virtual keyboard»And select our keyboard (GBoard, AOSP, etc.).
  • Click on «Spell correction»And we mark / unmark the tab«Auto correction»To enable / disable autocorrect.

Finally, if you are thinking of changing your keyboard for a more powerful one, do not hesitate to take a look at the following list with the best keyboards for Android.

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