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Do you need to know what it is Windows 10 Product Key? If you bought the computer with a Windows license and now you need to reinstall the operating system, change the hard drive or move the system to another PC, you will need to retrieve the Windows activation key. At the end of the day, it is a product for which we have paid and it is logical that we want to continue using it.

The so-called serial number or Windows product key is a 25-character alphanumeric code separated into groups of 5 by hyphens. If we need the license as soon as possible and we do not know what the key is, we can go through everything and install a dedicated and free application such as ProduKey. We run it, and when we open it, it will show us various information, including the Windows 10 product key and ID. Easy, right?

How to view the Windows 10 product key

If we do not want (or cannot) install any program on the computer, we can get the data through other alternative means, such as executing a PowerShell command or checking the system registry.

PowerShell command

Type "Windows PowerShell" in Cortana and in the results, right-click to run the program as administrator. Once you have the command window open, you can see the serial number of your operating system by entering the following command:

WMIC Path SoftwareLicensingService Get OA3xOriginalProductKey

It should be noted that this method only works on computers that leave the factory with the key stored within the computer's BIOS. Something that normally happens on laptops and PCs that already come with an activated copy of Windows as standard. If this is not our case, when we execute the PowerShell command we will simply see a blank space and nothing else. Therefore, although it is very good, it is not a trick that we can always use in 100% of the equipment that passes through our hands.

Take a look at the Windows registry

Another way to obtain the Windows key is to go to the system registry. To open the Registry Editor we write "regedit”In Cortana (without quotes) and hit enter. Inside the editor we navigate to HKEY _ LOCAL _ MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / Windows NT / CurrentVersion / SoftwareProtectionPlatform and double click on the variable β€œBackupProductKeyDefault”. Open it and you will see which is the product key that is activated at this moment.

Other ways to get Windows 10 activation key

In addition to what we have discussed so far, there are also other factors to take into consideration:

  • If you bought a copy of original Windows you will find the activation key on a tag or card inside the Windows box.
  • If Windows was already installed on the computer, you can find the product key in the same box where the PC came or on a sticker (usually it is colored and very attractive, it does not have any loss) attached to the base of the notebook or on one of the sides of the tower.
  • If you bought a digital copy of Windows from the Microsoft website, you will surely have receivedan email with the activation key. Check your email.
  • Unless you have purchased a digital license, in which case no key is included. Windows activation is done from our Microsoft account.

If back in the day we upgraded from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10 for free when Microsoft was offering it we will also have a digital license. To activate this type of licenses we must go to "Start -> Settings -> Update and security -> Activation"And from there follow the steps indicated in"Activate an account”.

Do you know any other way to recover Windows 10 activation key? If so, do not hesitate to stop by the comments area.

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