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In previous posts we have reviewed the best game console emulators for Android, although today we are going to focus specifically on the PSP. A very interesting portable console to emulate on mobile devices. On the one hand, it has quite a lot of graphics power, but at the same time it is "light" enough so that practically any average decent smartphone can run most of its games without being thrown on the road.

Top 5 PSP Emulators for Android

That said, let's see which are the best emulators that Android currently has to mimic the hardware of Sony's PlayStation Portable. If you are fans of the world of retro video games, surely more than one sounds familiar to you. Let's go to the nougat!


PPSSPP is by far the best PSP emulator for Android that exists. Easy to use and highly compatible with simply excellent performance. We could say that the rest of the PSP emulators on the market are mere variants of this, so it is always better to go to the original source.

The application has 2 versions: one free and with ads, and another premium version (PPSSPP Gold) that we can obtain through a single payment of € 4.69. IF we are going to put it to good use, it is definitely worth it and a lot.

Download QR-Code PPSSPP - PSP emulator Developer: Henrik Rydgård Price: Free

Rocket PSP Emulator

Excellent PSP emulator for Android developed by Emul World Limited. Perfect for running our backup copies of PSP games on mobile devices. An emulator that adapts to both low-end and high-end smartphones and tablets to always offer good performance and improved image quality. Supports ROMs in ISO and CSO format, in addition to having a well-worked interface and sound effects.

Download QR-Code Rocket PSP Emulator for PSP Games Developer: Emul World Ltd Price: Free


A unique emulator. Not only is it free and open source, but it is also it is capable of emulating several systems simultaneously. The tool works through the Libreto system, which basically means that the emulators are managed by plugins that we add or remove from the system. Therefore, yes, we can emulate PSP but also SNES or Megadrive games, to give a couple of examples.

The emulator for PSP in particular performs at a good level, although we may encounter the odd bug from time to time. As it is a complex tool, it requires a certain learning curve, but its possibilities are much more extensive than most emulators available on Android.

Download QR-Code RetroArch Developer: Libretro Price: Free

Rapid PSP Emulator

Here we are faced with a reskin of PPSSPP although with some small modifications. Rapid is tuned to run better on low-end Android mobiles, which consequently makes it go much faster on more powerful terminals without much complication. The application also has gamepad support, save function and other common paraphernalia.

Apart from this, there is not much else to scratch: PPSSPP supports a greater number of games, although with Rapid we have a 100% free emulator without in-app purchases that can be great if we have a cheap mobile with slightly low specifications.

Download QR-Code Rapid PSP Emulator for PSP Games Developer: Capital Apps Development Price: Free

Sunshine Emulator for PSP

Sunshine is another one of those PSP emulators based on the PPSSPP source code that works reasonably well. It has everything we can expect in an emulator of this type, such as game saving, network games, a good FPS ratio and a fairly high list of compatible games.

Otherwise, it has the same strengths and weaknesses as the other PPSSPP emulators. A more than acceptable free solution to play the classic Sony laptop on your mobile or tablet (although yes, with integrated ads).

Download QR-Code Sunshine Emulator for PSP Developer: ExpertArts Studio Price: Free

Finally, I would like to make a mention of PSP Emulator Pro. The application is very popular and in fact has more than half a million downloads on Google Play, probably due to the screenshots that accompany the installation file of the app where it is suggested that it also emulates PS2, PS3 and PS4 games. If we install it, we will see that it is a pure and hard fork of PPSSPP, and that therefore it only serves to emulate games from Sony's portable console. Keep this in mind before adding it to your app drawer.

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