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Facebook It is not an image storage oriented platform. Ok, it is a social network and therefore it is full of audiovisual content of a personal nature, but it is not a digital photo album as such. This means that when we want to copy or delete a photograph, it is most likely that we will spend a good time doing the corresponding management.

If we want a place where we have all our photos well stored and organized, it is much more practical to use a dedicated application such as Google Photos. We may even want to delete our Facebook account and need to export a backup of all our multimedia content. For these cases, nothing like migrate all photos from Facebook to Google Photos at once. Next, we explain the easiest and fastest way to do it.

Tools needed

To carry out this task we are going to use the mobile versions of Facebook and Google Photos for Android. Of course, we can also carry out the entire process from the web version if we are operating from a desktop PC.

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Step # 1: Download all photos from Facebook

As it cannot be otherwise, the first step is to download all the photos that we have saved on the social network to the mobile. To do this, we open the Facebook app and click on the hamburger icon (3 horizontal lines, located in the upper right margin of the screen), we go to "Settings and privacy"And we enter"Setting”.

In this new screen we move to the section "Your Facebook information"And we access"Download your information”. Next, click on "Uncheck all"And we mark the option that says"Photos and videos”.

To finish, we scroll to the end of the page and in the section "Quality of multimedia content”We make sure that the selected option is“Half"Or"high"(If we want the photos to look their best it is recommended check the high quality option). Click on "Create file”.

From this moment on, Facebook will begin to collect all the photos and videos that we have uploaded to the platform. This is a process that can take a few minutes: when it is ready, we will receive an email with a link to download the content.

Step # 2: Unzip the backup and extract the photos

Once we have the file in our hands (a compressed file in ZIP format) we open the file explorer of our Android. If we do not have any, we can go to Google Play and install an application for this purpose, such as, STAR or My File Explorer.

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We open the explorer, go to the folder where the ZIP that we have just downloaded is located (usually it is in "downloads"Or"Download”) And click on it. The system will automatically give us the option to unzip the content and we will see how once this is done, we have a new folder called "photos and videos”(Or similar) with all the material that we have uploaded to Facebook so far.

Step # 3: Synchronize the folder and upload the images to Google Photos

Now that we have the photos in our possession, we can only upload them to Google Photos. If everything has gone well, it is most likely that when the photos are unzipped, the Google Photos app itself "jumps" automatically asking us if we want to synchronize the folder and make a backup copy.

Otherwise, we can also upload the photos manually in a couple of steps:

  • We open Google Photos and click on the hamburger icon (3-line button located in the upper left margin).
  • We are going to "Device folders”And we located the folder with the Facebook photos. Click on it and activate the tab "Create backup and sync”.

In this way, when the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, Google Photos will begin to copy all the photos that we have indicated. Once the upload is complete, we can access all these photos directly from Google Photos, without having to re-enter Facebook at all. Good job!

Note: The upload may take several minutes depending on the volume of images that we have collected on Facebook over the years.

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