Tronsmart Force in review, 40W waterproof (IPX7) Bluetooth speaker

Last summer we talked about the Tronsmart Mega in this review, and the truth is that the experience was quite positive. Now the manufacturer has just launched a new model of Bluetooth speakers, the Tronsmart Force, which is the evolution of the powerful 40W player that we saw in 2018.

Thanks to Tronsmart we have been able to test one of these new units, so today's post will be dedicated to explaining the characteristics and differences of this device with respect to previous models. As always, if after reading the analysis you have any questions, do not hesitate to visit the comments area and I will try to clarify any questions that may remain.

Tronsmart Element Force: in-depth analysis

The great hallmark of the Tronsmart Force is that it is a clearly designed outdoor Bluetooth speaker. It has the same power as the Tronsmart Mega, 40W (which is not unprecedented, given the size of the device), but it also has IPX7 protection against water.

Design and finish

The IPX5 standard implies protection against water in pressure jets, IPX6 protection against high pressure jets and IPX7 protection against the effects of immersion. At the design level, this forces the Force to leave all holes well sealed, including a small plastic cover or cap to protect the connection ports (USB C, micro SD and 3.5mm minijack) and giving a “fortified” appearance as characteristic as it is similar to what we can find in today's ruggedized phones. To all this must be added the inclusion of a ring on one of the sides that will allow us to transport it more comfortably or anchor it wherever we see fit.

The control panel is located on the surface and has 6 buttons: power, play mode, volume down / previous track, play, volume up / next track and equalizer. It has dimensions of 294x64x80mm and a weight of 780 grams.

It is still a heavy accessory, but taking into account the power and size it has, it is more than acceptable in this sense.

Playback / connectivity modes

One of the great novelties that the previous Tronsmart Mega introduced was the micro SD card slot with which we could introduce our own music. Something that comes in handy when you do not have a device (mobile, tablet, PC) to send music, and that is something that is also maintained in this Tronsmart Force.

And thank goodness, since I personally believe that it is one of the greatest successes in this type of speaker: not depending on any other gadget to be able to listen to the music you want offers a quite important margin of independence.

Regarding wireless connectivity, it has Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC connection. All this without forgetting the 3.5mm auxiliary input to connect other devices via cable (useful for cassettes and old or analog players).

Finally, comment that also offers TWS connection (True Wireless Stereo) to reproduce in real stereo if we have another Tronsmart Force next to it. Taking into account that we are talking about a 40W speaker, with the TWS mode we would be reproducing up to 80 watts of power. An atrocity.

Sound quality

Now it's time to talk about what really matters: sound. How does this Tronsmart Force sound? Like the Mega model, it offers some very powerful bass, but this time they have added 3 effects or bass modes that we can regulate from the EQ button: Extra Bass, 3D and standard.

By default I usually leave the standard, but if we have a song with strong bass and midrange we can go to “3D” or “Extra Bass” mode so that they stand out in a much more forceful way. In that sense, it offers much more versatility than the aforementioned Mega.

For technical purposes, this translates into a dual 40W 28-core driver with passive radiators that go up to 100dB.

In total, it offers a transmission range of 20 meters in open field and is compatible with all types of devices such as PC, Android, iPhone etc.

Battery duration

These Bluetooth speakers have a 6,600mAh battery with charging via USB type C cable. The maximum charge time is 3 hours and offers a range of about 15 hours of use.

This is a sizeable battery, which largely justifies the weight of the device. In this sense, it is preferable that it be a little heavier if it then lasts longer, especially considering that it is designed to be transported and used outdoors.

Value for money

At the time of writing this review, the Tronsmart Force It is priced at 56.99 euros on Amazon. It has the same power as the Tronsmart Mega and it is a tad more expensive, but if we are thinking of buying a speaker for trips and excursions to which some water or rain can fall at any given time, it is 9 euros that I personally think are pretty well invested. Taking into account that it also includes an audio equalizer - something that we did not see in the Mega - and that the micro USB port has been replaced by a type C USB, we are facing a clearly superior product in terms of performance.

In short, an excellent step forward by Tronsmart in its line of Bluetooth speakers, with a really complete set of specifications and a highly suggestive value for money.

Updated : Tronsmart just provided us with a 10% discount coupon for these Tronsmart Force. If you are interested, apply the following coupon and you will get the corresponding discount on Amazon:


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