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We are in a world in which access to information is increasingly democratized. Without going into topics such as Internet censorship, the amount of information sources that we can find today is fascinating, far from the classic news on TV and general newspapers.

Therefore, today we are going to review some of the best news apps for Android. Apps from which we can access all current information centrally and in an environment adapted to facilitate reading on tablets and mobile phones.

The 10 best apps to read news on Android

Unlike traditional news websites, in this type of applications we can concentrate allnews from different media, cataloged by subject. Very practical for reading on the subway or in the typical dead moments.


An excellent news application selected according to our country and personal interests. Allows you to save articles, block sources that we are not interested in or activate alerts. Best of all is its interface, which works with scroll side to change themes and includes an integrated reader with which we can read the entries without distractions and modify aspects such as font size.

One of the most powerful platforms in the sector at the interface and design level.

Download QR-Code SQUID - Developer News: Squid App Price: Free


Probably the most popular news app and one of the most showy. It presents a magazine-like format with vertical transitions, and allows you to filter interests by subject. It also offers the user the possibility of creating magazines or collections with their favorite or interesting links.

Notice for surfers: Flipboard has a widget that we can pin to the desktop. It is very cool, but it consumes a lot of battery. The best, check the news directly from the app.

Download QR-Code Flipboard Developer: Flipboard Price: Free


As its name suggests, it is a "feed" that feeds on articles and news according to our interests and keywords that we want to keep under control. We can tag posts to read later, explore new things, and share articles cleanly and easily. The interface, although clean and minimalist, can be a bit confusing at first. In any case, a good place to keep up with our favorite blogs.

Download QR-Code Feedly - Smarter News Reader Developer: Feedly Team Price: Free


Pocket is a tool that allows us to save news and articles that we see on the Internet to read them later. The good thing is that reading through Pocket is usually much more pleasant, since it removes all the ads and has really remarkable functions, like a podcast reader. In this way, if we have tired eyes, we can select any news and Pocket will read it to us. A really powerful, different and practical app.

Download QR-Code Pocket Developer: Read It Later Price: Free

Geek Tech

News app in Spanish specialized in technology. Collect articles from sites such as AndroidPIT, Engadget, MovilZona and other important websites within the sector. It has dark mode, and the interface is one of the cleanest and lightest that we can find on Android.

I would give it 5 stars, but I see that The Happy Android does not appear, so I am going to remove half a star from its final rating. Jokes aside, an excellent app with news and tutorials techie.

Download QR-Code Geek Tech - High Tech News Developer: GeekTech Price: Free


Reddit is one of the largest sources of information in the world. A mix between news aggregator, forum and social network where we can find out all the news and the latest trends of the moment. It is something like the older brother of the Mename Spanish, saving - a lot - the distances. It has thousands of subreddits, with the most unsuspected themes. A whole sea of ​​data and content with no apparent background.

Download QR-Code Reddit Developer: reddit Inc. Price: Free

Microsoft News

Bill Gates' company also has its own news app. Like other similar platforms, it collects news from other websites selected by editors and classified by theme. It is quite simple, but very clear and easy to use.

Microsoft News is the world's largest news service, with a lot of content and more than 440 million users. It's not bad at all.

Download QR-Code Microsoft News Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free

News Republic

Another really popular generalist news app that already reaches a whopping over 50 million downloads on Android alone. It offers personalized content and a section with the best videos of the day. There are also other categories such as politics, sports, economics, geek, culture, gastronomy and others.

It offers a very pleasant reading and allows you to easily share the news, add comments, and follow the websites that we like the most. The only downside we can put is that it brings push notifications activated by default, something that is not usually to the liking of many. Luckily it can be disabled.

Download QR-Code News Republic - Your news Developer: News Republic Price: Free


This same month of May Menéame has launched its official application for Android. We are a news aggregator, with a really powerful comment section, being one of the most important online discussion forums in Spain.

The app as such still has quite a few bugs and details to be polished, but the interface is really attractive and intuitive, so that, if these details are refined, we can find ourselves in front of one of the best news apps in Spanish for Android.

Download QR-Code Menéame - Official App Developer: Menéame Price: Free

In any case, it is important to mention that there is also a Unofficial Menéame app (developed by Miguel Escribano), which has a lot of functionalities, and incidentally, a much better evaluation of users. I also leave the link here in case you want to try it.

Download QR-Code Menéame - The App Developer: Miguel Escribano Price: Free

World Newspapers

The name of the application makes it quite clear. With this app we can consult the majority of Spanish-speaking newspapers in a generalized way. Incorporates newspapers from more than 150 countries with more than 6000 limited sources.

If we read more than one digital newspaper from the browser, this is a good way to have them all well collected in a single dedicated application. Includes reading mode, bookmarks, favorites and customizable theme.

Download QR-Code World Newspapers Developer: Bazimo Price: Free

And what do you think? What are your favorite apps to read news from your mobile?

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