How to Unlock Any Mobile Phone for Free - Step by Step Tutorial

In today's post we will see how to unlock any mobile phone without spending a penny. In the past, when we wanted to free a phone we had to go to the corner store, usually a place with a slightly dodgy look, where they released our cell phone at a reasonable price. Today, luckily things have changed a lot.

Since 2013, and at least in Spain, the telemarketers are legally obliged to allow us to release the mobile once the period of stay has expired (in case we have it).

It should be clarified that the release process does not depend on the brand of our terminal, but from our telephone operator. It does not matter if the mobile is Samsung, HTC, iPhone, One Plus or Huawei, what we have to take into account is whether we are with Movistar, Vodafone, Orange or whatever company.

How to unlock a mobile phone in 2 steps

That said, the main steps to follow are always the same:

  • Get the unlock code: The first thing we need is a code that allows us to eliminate the association established between the terminal and the operator.
  • Apply the code: Once we have the code, we will only have to apply it to complete the process.

Get the unlock code for the terminal

Before starting, it is advisable to write down the phone's IMEIas it is likely that we will need this information later.

Each teleoperator offers its own way to obtain the code for the unlock of the mobile. Normally it is an automated process that can be carried out from the company's own website or by making a simple phone call.

On Yoigo, for example, they have prepared a page where we only have to enter the IMEI to obtain the unlock code at the moment. On Movistar We can also request it from its website or by calling 1004. In Of courseThey also have a page for this purpose. In the rest of the companies the process is very similar.

Enter a new SIM and apply the code to unlock the mobile

Now that we have the code in our possession, simply we insert a SIM card from a different operator on the mobile that we want to release.

We restart the terminal, and once entered the PIN number of the SIM card the system will ask us to enter a network unlock code. We mark the unlock code and if everything has gone correctly we will get a message indicating that we have overcome the network lock. Mobile unlocked!

What if our operator does not allow you to release your terminals?

In the US and Latin America there are still many companies that do not allow unlocking their mobile phones. In such a case, to get the unlock code we will need to use payment services, from pages like UnlockRiver and the like.

It seems to work, but I don't know how effective it is. Prices are usually around 10-15 euros more or less, and the unlock code they send us (that's the service they offer, they get an unlock code for your terminal) can take anywhere from a few hours to a day or two to arrive.

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