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Many people use PDF documents as a method to prevent the file from being modified. It is a widely used format, especially in work environments, but some apps such as WhatsApp have started to include the possibility of send PDF documents, and the truth is that its use is the order of the day, today more than ever. Also, Android has a lot of really good PDF readers, making it very convenient to use.

Therefore, in today's post we will see how to convert Word files to PDF quickly and easily. Once we are used to it, we will convert DOC documents to PDF from the mobile like hotcakes, I assure you. What's more, if you later want to convert those documents from PDF to EPUB, don't forget to take a look at this other POST.

How to convert Word documents to PDF on Android without breaking your mind

On desktop computers we found several programs that perform the conversion of.Doc and .docx to PDF. Even Microsoft Office itself has been able to do this for a long time. On Android If we want to convert a file to PDF, the situation is very similar, and basically we are presented with 3 options:

  • Use an app that is solely and exclusively responsible for converting documents to PDF.
  • Make use of a multifunctional application that, in addition to converting files to PDF, does many other things.
  • Do not install anything and use a web application.

Convert files to PDF with a dedicated app

If we do not want trouble and the only thing that interests us is an app that converts to PDF and that's it, one of the best options for Android is "PDF Conversion Suite”.

Download QR-Code Conversion Suite PDF Developer: Tiny Smart Apps Price: Free

It's free and it couldn't be easier to use:

  • We open the app and mark "Convert to PDF”.
  • We select the file we want to convert. In addition to Word documents, we can also select other types of files such as images or Excel sheets.

  • The converter will go to work, and once the process is completed, it will give us the option to save the PDF locally or share it by mail, Drive, Dropbox, WhatsApp etc.

PDF Conversion Suite supports the following file types:

  • Excel sheets (".csv", ".xls", ".xlsb", ".xlsm", ".xlsx", ".xlt", ".xltm", ".xltx")
  • Common Image Formats (".avs", ".bmp", ".dcx", ".dib", ".emf", ".gif", ".fax", ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".Img", ".ipct", ".mdi", ".pic", ".pict", ".png", ".pcd", ".pcds", ".pct", ".pcx", ".Mdi", ".tga", ".tif", ".tiff", ".wmf")
  • Open Office documents (".odf", ".ott", ".sxw", ".odf", ".sxm", ".mml", ".odp", ".otp", ".sxi", ".Sti", ".odg", ".otg", ".ods", ".ots", ".sxc", ".stc")
  • Portable Document Formats (".eps", ".pdf")
  • Power Point slides (".pot", ".potm", ".potx", ".pps", ".ppsm", ".ppsx", ".ppt", ".pptm", ".pptx")
  • Web pages (".html", ".htm")
  • Word documents (".doc", ".docm", ".docx", ".dot", ".dotm", ".dotx", ".wps", ".rtf", ".text", ". txt "," .wpd "," .wps ")
  • XML Paper Specifications (".xps")

It should be noted that both this app and the rest of similar applications, use services hosted on the network to carry out the conversion, so it is essential to have an Internet connection to be able to use them.

Convert documents to PDF with a multifunction app

If, in addition to converting files to PDF, we also carry out other types of office automation tasks from the tablet or mobile phone, I would undoubtedly recommend installing a good office automation suite for Android. That there are, and very good, also, such as WPS Office.

Download QR-Code WPS Office - Free Office Suite for Word, PDF, Excel Developer: WPS SOFTWARE PTE. LTD. Price: Free

With WPS Office we can not only convert text documents to PDF, but also we also have a fairly complete text processor, spreadsheet editor, PDF viewer, presentation editor and something else.

To convert a doc or docx file to PDF we simply open the application and select "To open”. Click on "DOC”And we look for the document.

Once open, we will “Tools -> File"And we mark"Export PDF”.

It's that easy, and also no need to be connected to the internet to carry out the process.

If we are more classic and we are used to using the office automation package of Microsoft Office, for some time there has been a version for Android devices with all the apps in the suite with its Word, Power Point, Excel and others.

Download QR-Code Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more Developer: Microsoft Corporation Price: Free

To convert a DOC or DOCX file to PDF, we just have to open the document from Word and follow these steps:

  • Click on the drop-down menu located at the top of the screen.
  • We select «To print«.
  • In the preview screen, click on the upper drop-down and select the option «Save as PDF«.
  • We click on the blue button that says «PDF«.
  • We give the document a name, choose the folder where we want to store the document and click on «Keep«.

Convert from a web application

Finally, if we only need convert a Word to PDF in a timely manner, we may not want to install the umpteenth app for something that we only do once every so often. In this case it is best to use a web application that makes the conversion without major complications.

My favorite application for these cases, and the one that has saved my skin more than once, is ILovePDF, a web page that does not require registration or leave watermarks in the converted documents.

As easy as accessing and selecting the file we want to convert and clicking on "Convert to PDF”. A download dialog will automatically appear with the file perfectly transformed into a beautiful PDF document.

Other apps to convert text documents to PDF on Android

Besides those mentioned, there are also many other apps to convert text documents to PDF.

  • JPG to PDF Converter: If we have a text document scanned on a copier, it will surely be in JPG format. This is quite a big drawback if we want to take annotations or work on the document in a more versatile way. With this simple but effective application we can convert from JPG to PDF in a matter of seconds. It also has an online converter to do the reverse path from PDF to JPG.
Download QR-Code JPG to PDF Converter Developer: Weeny Software Price: Free
  • Word to PDF converter: Popular PDF converter that supports DOC, DOCX and RTF files. It is also capable of doing the way back, that is: converting PDF files to Word.
Download QR-Code Word to PDF Converter Developer: Weeny Software Price: Free
  • PDF Converter: Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image, Autocad etc, in addition to converting these same formats to PDF. As its name suggests, a simple and straightforward but very complete PDF converter.
Download QR-Code PDF Converter Developer: Inc. Price: Free

As you can see, there are many ways to convert documents to PDF. Which one do you stay with?

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