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One of the things that has always been thrown in the face of Android it is the absence of a recycle bin and a native file explorer. They are small details, but they stand out greatly if we are used to working with desktop operating systems. To find a solution to these 2 aspects of Android (the absence of an explorer and the trash can) we have to pull external developers, which is not bad when we find apps that fulfill these functions in an exquisite way.

Dumpster: return the recycle bin

In the case of the explorer, if we want a good app to help us manage our folders and files, we just have to install ES File Explorer from Google Play. It is free and with a number of more than surprising features.

Download QR-Code ES File Explorer Developer: ES Global Price: Free

But what I wanted to talk to you about today is Dumpster, an app that does the work of the classic Recycle Bin wonderfully. Its operation is clear and concise: once Dumpster is installed, any file that we delete instead of disappearing forever will go to the trash, being able to recover it in case we have deleted it by mistake.

When we work with Windows, Linux or Mac we always take it for granted that we can recover any file that we delete with a couple of clicks. On Android, on the other hand, we do not have that anti-disaster mattress that is the recycle bin, and that is an operating system designed for touch screens mainly, where we are constantly touching the screen and an error or bad movement is the most common!

Download QR-Code Recycle Bin Dumpster Developer: Baloota Price: Free

Improving Dumpster since 2012

The Dumpster app has been on the market since 2012, and since then there has been time to improve, and a lot, the application. Although at the beginning it was a somewhat slow app and it took time to restore files, it is currently in very good health and these types of problems have been corrected, achieving fast restores and without slowing down the device. The interface, meanwhile, is clear and easy to use. You can not ask for more.

Can WhatsApp photos and videos be recovered with this app?

I installed Dumpster on a smartphone without root permissions and later I proceeded to delete a photo from one of my conversations from WhatsApp. For those who have any questions about whether it works with photos or videos of WhatsApp, Line or similar: recover the photos, yes. It works. Deleted WhatsApp files also make their way to Dumpster before disappearing from the face of the earth.

Dumpster as a preventive tool

Keep in mind that it will be useless to install this application if we want to recover a file that we deleted when we had not yet installed Dumpster on the system.

Dumpster is the limbo where files go before being completely erased. Therefore, if when we delete a Dumpster file it still did not exist on our device, that file will not appear in the trash. So clear. To recover those files we will have to use other methods .

It should also be clarified that Dumpster does not require root permissions to function, but we have them, the application will be more effective. It also allows schedule cleanups of old deleted files and recover uninstalled apps.

A great app with a Google Play rating of 4.1 / 5 and over 10 million installs. If you have not tried it yet, do not hesitate to take a look. Worth.

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