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Hello gamers! These last few days I've been playing a couple of Android games based on the classic Marvel and DC comic characters. For someone who has grown up reading comics of the X-Men and Batman, being able to play mobile games of the quality that can be seen today is a delight (okay, there is a lot of trash, but do you know what it was like 20 years ago? or 25 years?). Not to mention that most of them are free ... well, I deviate from the topic. This week I've been playing DC Legends, Galaga Wars, and Cookie Run: OvenBreak. Shall we take a look at them?

DC Legends

DC Legends is a game for mobile devices based on the classic characters from the publisher of Detective Comics. It is an RPG with a dynamic turn-based combat game, in the purest Final Fantasy style. We have a truly overwhelming cast of characters, which will grow as we unlock achievements and progress through campaign mode.

Likewise, each character has a fairly acceptable variety of blows and combos, which we can enhance and unlock like any good RPG worth its salt.

On the technical side, both the sound and the graphics have nothing to envy to other DC games that we have seen on other platforms a priori more powerful such as PS3 or Wii U, and it is nice to know that developers are beginning to bet really hard on this type of freeware games with integrated purchases. It seems to make money, friends.

Download QR-Code DC Legends: Battle x Justice Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises Price: Free

Galaga wars

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the mythical arcade Galaga, Bandai namco has launched a new updated version for mobile named Galaga wars. The classic Martian killer of a lifetime but with slightly more modern graphics.

The dynamics of this new Galaga does not differ too much from the classic 8 bitero. In what they have decided to innovate has been in the gameplay, and that is that in Galaga Wars everything is controlled with a finger.

As long as we keep our finger on the screen our ship will shoot uninterruptedly, and if we lift our finger from the terminal the game will pause. At first this may seem unappetizing, but once we are "in the sauce" the truth is that it is really practical.

A frenetic game in which we will not have a second of respite.

Download QR-Code Galaga Wars Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe Price: Free

Cookie Run: OvenBreak

The latest game this week is Cookie Run: OvenBreak, a jump & run of a lifetime. It is true that it is not an ode to originality, but that does not stop being fun.

In the game we control a gingerbread cookie in a horizontal platform game, in which we will advance automatically. In our hand it will be to jump or crouch to avoid obstacles and avoid the death of our tasty cookie.

On Cookie Run: OvenBreak The setting and the excellent graphics that accompany it play very in its favor, as well as having a gameplay that is above the average of the rest of the Jump & Runs that swarm out there. If you like this kind of games, give it a try.

Download QR-Code Cookie Run: OvenBreak Developer: Devsisters Corporation Price: Free

The one that I liked the most of the 3, and the one that I think has the longest run is without a doubt DC Legends. Galaga wars It is curious and I will surely leave it installed for a while. As to Cookie Run, is that type of games that you already know: install-play-and delete. It is fun but it does not give more of itself. What can we do…

And what do you say to me? What have you been playing this week?

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