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Google Opinion Rewards is an app for Android that consists of completing small surveys in exchange for some money to spend on the Play Store. You already know that Google is more interested in information than a child is interested in a lollipop, and it is also an easy way for users who do not usually buy paid apps in the Store to get some credit. A full-blown win-win. The surveys are not long, and can be completed in a couple of minutes. Easy, right?

How does Google Opinion Rewards work?

If you want to try this app you just have to download Google Opinion Rewards from the Google Play Store, it's free. Once you have it installed, first you will have to do a test survey of about 4 or 5 questions, so that the app sees that you are not like a goat or that you are an alien from the planet Omicron Persei 8.

From here you just have to wait. Whenever a survey is available, you will see a warning message on your device stating that you have a survey to take. Each survey is valued at a different price, and usually around 0.25 and 0.75 euros.

The subject of the polls tends to vary, and they ask you the same for your opinion about the United Nations as for your experience in certain department stores. For each question there are usually several answers available and you simply have to choose the one that best suits your personal opinion. In addition, there are usually not many questions, so in a couple of minutes we will have dispatched the questionnaire and we can add some credit to our Google Play account.

For people like me, who do not usually spend money on paid apps, it is an excellent way to open the door to all that range of apps that until now we had decided not to try. In my case I have already completed my first survey and they have given me 0.75 euros. For now not bad. The problem is that the surveys usually arrive once a week or every 2, so you have to be patient.

Is there a trick to receive more surveys in Google Opinion Rewards?

There are some people who claim that they receive surveys to take almost daily. Is that possible?

If we want to increase the frequency in which we receive questionnaires we have to enable the Google location history . Depending on our version of Android we can do it as follows:

  • From the app "Google settings”, Usually located in the Google app box. We go to "Location" and click on "Google Location History”To activate it.
  • From the main application of "Settings" Of the device. We go to the application manager and look for "Google”. Click on "Location”To activate the history.

The location history allows Google to know where we are moving, and if it sees that we pass through a store or go to a specific restaurant and it has a survey related to that business, it is very likely that it will send us a survey to find out our opinion. It goes without saying that if you move through very cosmopolitan places full of shops and places to visit, it is easier for you to receive many more surveys than your grandmother who is at home all day.

The big drawback that I see to the issue of location history is related to privacy. I'm still not entirely clear if it pleases me that Google knows at all times where I am going and where I stop going. If you do not know if you have this service activated or not (it comes standard with the Google application package) I recommend that you check it just in case. On the contrary, if you have no problems in this regard, make sure you have it activated and you will receive many more surveys, that simple.

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