How to activate 2-step verification for all your online accounts

Any account of any service on the Internet is susceptible to being hacked. Therefore, it is important to add an extra layer of security to our accounts through techniques such as 2-step verification. That is not going to make them impossible to hack, but we are going to make it much more difficult for criminals.

Two-Step Verification, also known as "2-Step Authentication," basically consists of adding a second method of identification. It usually involves add an additional phone number or email account. Thus, in order to complete any login, in addition to the password, it will be necessary to enter a numeric code that is normally sent in SMS format to our phone.

How to activate 2-step authentication in the main web services (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google and others)

Each app or service has its own process for activating two-step authentication, so it would be impossible to list all of them here. What we can do is take a look at the most important ones, which in the end are the ones that most users use the most in our day-to-day lives, and thus we take a little weight off our shoulders.

Google (YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps etc.)

To configure 2-step authentication in all our Google accounts we just have to enter HERE. We click on the blue button that says "Starts”And we follow the instructions step by step.

Once we have entered a phone number, we can request to send an SMS or a phone call to receive the verification code. Once this is done, we can receive "YES / NO" notifications every time someone tries to log in or configure a USB security key.

We can also create Single-use "offline codes" to log in anytime, anywhere.


In the case of WhatsApp we must go to "Settings -> Account -> Two-Step Verification”And click on“ Activate ”. Like the rest, we can enter our phone number or use an email address as an additional verification method.

It is important to use an email address, as If we do not remember the PIN, we will not be able to log in again for 7 days.


It is important to have good security in important web applications, especially if it is an online store where we can make purchases and spend real money.

In the case of Amazon, once we have logged in we will go to “Accounts and lists”. From here, we click on "Login and security"And click on the edit button in"Advanced security settings”.

From here we can activate the verification in two steps by clicking on the yellow button "Activate”. Once configured, we can allow the login on our usual devices or generate codes to log in via the app.


To activate double verification in Paypal we must log in and click on the configuration gear located in the upper right margin. From here we will access our account settings.

In the case of Paypal, two-step authentication is called differently. We must scroll to "Security Centerand click on the section "Security key. In this way, we can add a phone number to receive a security PIN via SMS every time we want to log in.


Although Instagram allows you to log in from a web browser, to activate Ve2P (2-step verification) we will have to do it from the mobile app. First we go to our profile and click on the hamburger menu - icon with 3 horizontal lines - located in the upper right margin.

To activate double authentication we are going to “Settings -> Privacy and security"And select"2-step authentication”.


To activate 2-step verification on Facebook we can press directly HERE or access from the settings menu in "Settings -> Security and Login”. Within the option "Two-step authentication”We will have the possibility to register our phone number to receive a code each time we log in. We can also request that Facebook send us a push notification to validate or deny any login with our account.

From here we can also configure an electronic security key for login via USB or NFC, or generate a recovery code in case we are traveling and we do not have coverage on the phone.


From the photo of your avatar, both in the mobile version and from the browser, click on "Settings and privacy". Here, we click on "Set up login verification”.

Once the two-step verification is configured, we can make new settings such as adding an electronic security key, generating verification codes through a separate app or obtaining backup codes and temporary passwords that expire after one hour.


Once we have logged into our Microsoft account we go to the "Security Settings" menu. From here we can activate the verification in two steps in a similar way to the rest of the services that we have just discussed.

Like Google and Facebook, Microsoft also allows us to create one-time access codes for when we cannot use our mobile phone to validate ourselves.


From the web version of Dropbox we click on our profile avatar and go to "Settings -> Security”. We scroll and go down until we find the section dedicated to 2-step authentication. We activate it and enter a phone number to verify our logins.


Cupertino's offer two-step verification starting with iOS 9 and macOS X El Capitan.


Depending on the version of iOS that our iPhone uses, we must follow the following steps:

  • iOS 10.3 or higher: To activate the double verification in our Apple ID we are going to "Settings -> Your name -> Password and Security”. From here we can configure our account to receive a text message with a code every time we log in.
  • iOS 10.2 or lower: Settings are in “iCloud -> Your Apple ID -> Password and Security”.


We click on the Apple icon in the upper left margin of the screen and go to "System Preferences -> iCloud -> Account Details”. If we click on "Security”We will see a new menu to activate 2-step verification.

Authentication apps

If we want to add a new layer of security to our logins in other apps and services, it is recommended to use authentication apps. These types of tools allow us to receive verification codes without having to have coverage for calls, only with an Internet connection.

Some of the most popular solutions in this area are Authy and Google Authenticator.

Download QR-Code Twilio Authy 2-Factor Authentication Developer: Authy Price: Free

The process in these types of applications is more or less similar to what we have seen so far. For each account that we want to add, we scan a QR code that is associated with that account. The next time we want to log in, we just have to enter the app and take note of the numeric code that unlocks the additional security filter that we have established.

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