Cubot Manito, a terminal of less than $ 100 and 3GB of RAM

Do you know the brand Cubot ? For a few years they have launched into the manufacture of mobile phones, first from a national level to become one of the largest emerging companies in China. If something stands out Cubot is in the quality / price ratio of its terminals. We all know that Chinese mobiles always seek to adjust prices, but in this Cubot goes further. It will not give you a super powerful terminal, but yes, it will offer an unbeatable price.

But let's not get confused, Cubot is not one of those unknown brands of the heap, they do not make copies or versions low cost of the smartphone of the moment. In this company they deliver cheap mobile phones, but offering quality components and providing very careful designs. The ideal smartphone for those who only need to chat, install a few apps and take a few photos from time to time.

Cubot Manito: 3GB of RAM for less than $ 100?

Cubot has just launched a new terminal on the market, the Cubot Manito. A mid-range smartphone that will compete for leadership in the “mobiles under $ 100”.

Characteristics and technical specifications

The Cubot Manito has some more than interesting features: 3GB of RAM, a 13 MP rear camera with Samsung sensor (5 MP for the front), 5-inch HD screen and 16 GB of internal storage expandable up to 256 GB by card. With these wickers, we can install and run practically any app smoothly and take photos of acceptable quality.

With these characteristics we would be talking about a smartphone that would easily approach $ 200. Then, in what cuts the Cubot Manito to cost half? Not surprisingly, in processing power and battery. The processor is a 1.36 GHz Mediatek Quad Core and has a battery of 2350 mAh. This is not a mobile to play GTA and last generation games, but for everything else it works perfectly. In addition, having a medium-power processor, the battery does not consume so fast and it complements perfectly with the rest of the hardware. Wise choice.

In addition, it has a Bluetooth connection, 4G, dual SIM, accelerometer and the rest of the common characteristics that we can find in all terminals today. All this, wrapped under the umbrella of Android 6.0

Price and availability

Currently the Cubot Manito is in the pre-sale phase and does not officially hit the market until next month. Its official starting price is $ 109.99 but if we get it in the pre-sale we can get it $ 20 cheaper, at $ 89.99.

If what we are looking for is a cheap but functional mobile, with a good design and characteristics above the average of its range competitors, Cubot Manito is a more than interesting smartphone.

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