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The most veteran users will remember how in the first years of WhatsApp's life a small amount had to be paid, which normally did not exceed the euro or dollar, to be able to use this fantastic messaging app.

Over time, and mainly since Facebook acquired the company in 2014, WhatsApp has become completely free.

That does not mean that from time to time, scammers and people of bad living, take the opportunity to launch hoaxes and deceptions related to this long-standing pay-for-service practice.

A new deception: WhatsApp is paid again

The latest development in this regard is a new scam in the form of message that urges us to renew our WhatsApp subscription For a small price.

The SMS in question, supposedly sent by the WhatsApp company itself, has begun to circulate mainly in the United Kingdom, and the following can be read in the notice:

“Your subscription has expired. To verify your account and get a lifetime subscription for only 0.99 GBP, simply click on the following link "

The 2nd big hoax, only in the month of May

Hoaxes, scams and scams through WhatsApp are worryingly frequent. Not two weeks ago we talked about the deception of the false director of WhatsApp, in which a certain Karelis Hernández informed us that WhatsApp only had 530 free accounts left, and that we had to resend a chain message so that our account would not be canceled. Have seen!

In the case of this new scam, the only thing scammers are looking for is raise as much money as possible, so if we receive this message on our terminal, remember: WhatsApp is still free, and in no case should we click on the link attached to the message.

As always, we end up remembering that WhatsApp, whenever it has something to say to its users, will do so through updates, notices on the app's official blog or through the media. If we receive any message of this type, the best we can do is delete it and, above all, do not click on any attached link.

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