WhatTheFont, the "Shazam" to identify typefaces

WhatTheFont is a free app for Android and iOS that is used to identify any typeface. It's kind of like the Shazam of typefaces. Until now, WhatTheFont was a well-known web application hosted on MyFonts, a delight for designers from all over the world that has finally made the leap to the app format.

How does WhatTheFont work? Identifying typefaces

WhatTheFont is able to identify up to 130,000 different fonts thanks to machine learning. As easy as taking a photo with your mobile and the app tells us the name and family to which it belongs.

In practice, it is usual to show us various fonts in response, all of them as similar as possible to the original shown on the screen. It is not always right, but the truth is that if the image is well lit, its effectiveness is truly amazing.

In the screenshots that we can see above, I have taken a photo of the CHUWI logo and the truth is that it has nailed it. Then in other attempts it has not been so exact, but it certainly points to ways.

WhatTheFont allows to identify more than one typeface within the same image, and for each font it offers us the possibility of buying it from the MyFonts store, in case we are interested.

Download QR-Code WhatTheFont Developer: MONOTYPE Price: Free

The application works with images from magazines, newspapers, computer screens, mobile phones, etc. Definitely, any typeface printed on a flat surface. We will have to see the evolution that this app has, but in its launch version at least it offers really good sensations.

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