How to make a call with a hidden number on Android, iOS and from landline

Making calls with a hidden number can be a good idea if we are calling strangers. Especially if it is a company or business that might take note of our number and "return the favor" with unsolicited commercial calls. To avoid that, nothing better than to carry out this type of telephone conversation from a private or hidden number.

How to make a call with a hidden number from a mobile line

Some businesses of dubious ethics or morals may also sell our contact number to third parties, and receive even more publicity.

It should be noted that the only difference between making a hidden call on Android and iOS is the way to activate this function by default. If all we want is to make a call with a hidden number from the mobile, just dial the prefix # 31 # before the number we are going to call.

For example, if we are going to call the number 6XX XXX XXX, we will simply type # 31 # 6XX XXX XXX. This prefix is ​​valid for both Android mobiles and iPhone -and any other mobile line-, and is usually free.

How to make a hidden call on Android

If we have an Android terminal and we want all calls are made with a hidden number by default, we can also follow the following steps:

  • We open the phone application and click on the upper drop-down menu.
  • We select "Settings”.
  • We are going to "Calling Accounts”And we select the SIM that we are using.
  • In this new settings window, click on "Additional settings”.
  • We click on the "Issuer identifier”.
  • We mark "Hide number”.

This is the way to activate calls by hiding the caller ID in Android 7.1. If any of these settings appears blocked on our phone, it is due to a blocking by our operator. In this case, we must call customer service to activate it. Watch out! Some mobile phone operators charge for activating this service.

How to make a call with hidden number on iPhone

For iPhone owners, the activation process does not vary much. As in Android, we can use the prefix # 31 #. In addition to that, if we want to activate the private or hidden number in all outgoing calls, we must follow the following steps:

  • We access the menu of "Settings”From the iPhone.
  • Click on "Telephone”.
  • We deactivate the option "Show caller ID”.

As I mentioned before, if this setting is blocked, it will be necessary to contact our operator to activate it and inform us about it.

How to make a call with a hidden number from a landline phone

This is all very well, but what about we have a landline? If what we want is to make a hidden call from a landline we can also use the prefix trick.

However, the prefix to apply this time will be different. Instead of dialing # 31 # we will have to use the prefix 067.

As you can see there are several ways to make safe calls to protect our phone number from the receiver. The only thing we have to take into account is the device from which we make the call.

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