Justice League Final Trailer (7 Minute Extended Version)

Warner just released a few hours ago the new and final trailer for the Justice League / Justice League, a film that will hit theaters on November 17.

The world is bleak without the presence of Superman. Lois does not seem to accept the death of Clark and he appears to her in her dreams, as if nothing that happened in Batman vs Superman was valid.

But unfortunately, Superman is still dead, and that is something that they do not stop repeating to us throughout the entire trailer. Some subliminal message, not so subliminal perhaps?

Throughout this new trailer we are also shown new images of Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, in addition to illustrating a little more the invasion of the Parademons.

Everything indicates that it will be a dark film, in search of the epic, full of action and bad jokes. A sequel to BvsS but with a little more color and a clone of Drax in the role of Aquaman. Of course I am not going to miss it - and I promise to complain as soon as I leave the cinema.

The truth is that seeing the extended version of this trailer, which joins the previous advances of the film, we have almost already seen it in its entirety. What note do you put on it?

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