NES Game Machine in review, the clone of the NES Classic Mini (500 in 1)

I don't know if it was because I had the stupid idea not to reserve it in the presale, but the thing is that by the time I wanted to buy the NES Classic Mini I was already exhausted. They did not get more remittances, so I had to stay with the desire - now it is around 300 eurazos, friends-. Today's post is for those who, like me, were one step away from having it in their living room. The solution is called NES Game Machine, the Chinese clone of the NES Classic Mini.

Analysis of the NES Game Machine, a copy of the NES Classic Mini with more lights than shadows

A couple of days ago I was browsing the TomTop website, and I came across this curious device, the NES Game Machine. How had he not thought of before? If there are clones of the best-selling smartphones, there must be a copy of the mini NES yes or yes!

I started to investigate the network and it seems that the console is not bad at all. It has its details, but in general it remains up to par, and taking into account that it is worth just over 20 euros, it's almost a must-have for those of us who are at the gates of the original product.

Console and controls layout

Regarding the look and feel of the NES Game Machine, we can say that the similarity with the mini NES is really achieved. Come on, it works perfectly.

If it were not for the name of the console, engraved on the front, we would say that both machines are practically identical in terms of design. The Chinese version has a slightly different shade of gray, but hardly noticeable unless we put the two consoles face to face.

Where we do notice a little more difference is in the controllers. They don't have the same quality as the classic NES controllers, but they work well and don't have sharp corners, which, in that respect at least, is welcome.

The ports of the NES Game Machine too are compatible with original NES controllers, so at a given moment we can always change them. Another detail is that instead of having an HDMI output, it uses an AV cable to connect to the TV.

Note: The controllers in the promotional images of the NES Game Machine are shown with 4 buttons, but they are actually the same as those of the NES Classic Mini, and they look like this:

500 games in 1, is this for real?

Unlike the original NES Classic Mini, which had only 30 prerecorded games, on the NES Game Machine we will find up to a total of 500 games belonging to the mythical Nintendo 8-bit console.

I remember that in the 90s there were also clones of the original Nintendo, and although they promised hundreds of games on each cartridge, almost all of them were repeated several times. Does the same thing happen with this console?

Well, the truth is that NO. Although the names of some games are slightly changed, and we find game names like “Mario 12"Or"Robocop 4”, They are always different and original games.

Mario 12 for example, is a kind of Dr. Mario with some slight changes. And that's another point: there are some games that seem ROMs or custom versions of classic games, which makes everything more attractive in my opinion.

We also found NES games quite rare and difficult to find in their original version, such as the “Mighty Final Fight”, Version of the NES of the well-known game of the Super Nintendo. Or like Mortal Kombat, which you didn't even know had its own 8-bit version.

Without a doubt, the game catalog of the NES Game Machine is one of the strengths of this console.

Gaming experience with the NES Game Machine

From what I have been able to verify thanks to people who have been giving this console a lot, is that overall gaming experience is positive. At first it may take a bit of getting used to the pad and the touch of the buttons on the controller, but once that small barrier is overcome, the rest are limited to enjoying the games.

Games that, on the other hand, seem to be functional versions without much presence of bugs. There must be a couple of games that are not entirely fine, but considering that we have 500 titles in the catalog, it is something that is merely anecdotal.

Price and availability

That said, we just need to talk about the price and availability of this NES Game Machine. We can currently get it on TomTop for $ 29.99, about 21.83 euros to change. If we are interested in getting this "candy" we can also use the following discount coupon to save a few euros:


Price with coupon: 18.47 euros

For my part, I am more and more tempted to buy myself this little toy. It is a clone, yes, but it has so many positive details and it is so cheap that it is more than likely that it will end up in my living room. What do you think?

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