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Either because we want to make a joke or because we want to put grandfather or nephew in that family photo that he got rid of in his day, learn to make photomontages it's one of those essential life lessons (note the irony). Therefore, in today's post we are going to see quickly and easily how to add a person in a photo without having to become Photoshop experts (another thing is that we achieve the artistic level of masters like James Fridman , but there we are already playing at another level).

How to add a person in a photo without using Photoshop

To trick the photo and insert any element outside of it, be it an object or a person, we must follow the following work dynamics:

  • First, we take a photo where the person we want to add appears, and we cut it out, eliminating the background completely. This will make us have an image where only that person appears and the background is 100% transparent. We save the photo in PNG format.
  • Second, add the cropped image in the final photograph and we did some touch-ups to adjust the size and lighting. In this way, the “foreign element” that we have just inserted will be better camouflaged and the trick will be much less noticeable.

Step by step process

If we do not want to install any image editing application we can achieve quite satisfactory results using a couple of web tools, which in addition to being free offer enough facilities to make this type of photomontage.

  • Open your Internet browser and enter the page Remove Background (HERE). Click on "Upload Image”And select the photo where the person you want to crop appears.
  • The AI ​​will automatically cut out the background, leaving only the person in the foreground. Click on "Download”To download the image in PNG format.

  • Now that we have the cutout with a transparent background, we only have to open the photo where we want to put that person. For this, we are going to use another free web application called Pixlr X (HERE), a very intuitive online photo editor that suits us for what we want to do.
  • Once inside Pixlr X, click on "Open Image”And select the photo you want to use as a base.
  • Next, click on the last icon on the side menu (“Add Image”) And click on“Browse”. Select the cropped photo you just downloaded.
  • Here the editor will leave us move and resize the image so that it fits in with the environment and is just the way we want it.

  • Finally, we will use the different filters and adjustments that the tool offers (“Filter”, “Effect” and “Adjust” options from the side menu) to adjust the color and tone of the new item that we just added to the photo.

Once we have everything to our liking, we just have to click on the blue "Save" button, where we will see a new window that will give us the option to download the image with the desired quality and format (JPG, PNG or PXD).

As you can see, it is a fairly simple process, and we can do it both from a desktop computer and from a mobile phone using the browser (in addition, Pixlr has an app for Android if we are looking for greater comfort). If we are looking for a much more elaborate result, we can also use Pixlr's "crop" tool to remove or add more elements, or use Remove Background with the base image itself to achieve depth effects in certain photographs.

The possibilities are almost endless depending on the time we want to spend in each photomontage. Of course, it is not even close to what we can do with a more professional tool such as Photoshop or GIMP, but it is undoubtedly the most useful to hack a photo quickly and on the fly.

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