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Tired of hearing the annoying click of the mouse constantly when browsing? Twitter? How much more comfortable would it be to press a single key without having to scroll through menus and buttons all the time? Like most desktop applications, Twitter also has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to perform the same actions what would you do with the mouse performing a simple key combination.

At first it can be a bit boring having to remember what the combination was to perform this action or the other, but as soon as you start memorizing some of these shortcuts, your visits to this social network will become a real bed of roses. Guaranteed!


  • F: Mark as favorite
  • N: to compose a new Tweet.
  • R: Reply to a Tweet.
  • C: Close all open Tweets.
  • OR: Expand photo
  • T: Retweet.
  • B: Block user.
  • OR: Mute user.
  • M: Send a direct message.
  • Ctrl + Enter: Send Tweet.
  • Enter: Open Tweet details
  • /: Search Tweets.
  • .: Refresh and upload new Tweets


  • G + H: Go to the main page.
  • G + R: See all mentions.
  • G + P: Go to your profile.
  • G + M: to go to the messages.
  • G + N: Go to Notifications
  • G + U: to view the Twitter profile of a specific person.
  • G + L: See your lists.
  • G + F: View your favorites.
  • ?: Opens the shortcut help panel.
  • J: Next Tweet.
  • K: Go to the previous Tweet.
  • Space: page down.
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