How to browse privately and ad-free with Firefox Focus

When we use a browser we always seek the maximum possible privacy. However, we all know more or less - and if not, it is time for us to open our eyes - that the protection of our data will always be somewhat lax, especially if we access the Internet with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and the like.

Unless we set up a VPN, navigate through TOR or use proxies to mask our output to the big web, private browsing is a utopia more than anything else. The typical incognito tab also leaves a trace, and if we do a Google search, the big G search engine keeps a record of all our searches. Today they have us under control on all possible fronts, dear reader.

A simple browser to never worry about deleting your browser history

But don't get paranoid either. I at least doubt that I have an FBI team analyzing my every move on the Internet. And surely you are not much more important ...

If our concerns they don't go much further than clearing your browsing history When we do some “inappropriate” search to leave no trace, or we simply want a somewhat more discreet browser than the one we currently use, we cannot pass without taking a look at Firefox Focus.

Download QR-Code Firefox Focus: the private browser Developer: Mozilla Price: Free Download QR-Code Firefox Focus: Privacy Developer: Mozilla Price: Free

This alternative browser developed by Mozilla for Android and iOS phones and tablets, focuses on 3 key points to improve the user's browsing experience:

  • Ease of clear browsing history anytime.
  • A no-frills interface to focus solely on the content of the web that we are visiting.
  • No Ads.

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Deleting history has never been so easy

One of the strong points of Focus is that it is “always” reminding you to erase the damn history. When we open the app, we will have a button in the notification bar: press it anytime and goodbye to history. All tabs will close and the home page will load automatically. Nothing has occurred here. Move on, gentlemen!

Where have all those ads gone?

And then there is the issue of advertisements. In this case we do not have to worry about using any adblocker, since Firefox Focus itself is responsible for removing all ad units from any page we are visiting.

In the image above we can see the same news seen in Google Chrome (left) and in Firefox Focus (right). Input, Ads disappear, yes, but not only that. If we click on the top menu of the browser, we will see that up to 94 trackers have been blocked, only during the loading of this web page.

Some pages are passed 3 towns with the advertising content of their website, and many times we end up losing the thread of what we had entered to read. All this, together with an interface without much artifice, makes Focus one of the best browsers to access content in the most direct (and discreet) way possible.

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