Trailer of Tokyo Ghoul (The Movie) - Live action - The Happy Android

I think we already mentioned it a few months ago, but for the newcomers, I remind you that the premiere of the live-action film of Tokyo Ghoul is about to fall. Its official name is Tokyo Ghoul: The Movie, and a couple of days ago it was in the news again due to the new trailer that has been released on IGN's YouTube channel:

After a teaser in which you barely saw anything, and another trailer in which we could appreciate a little better the general tone of the film, we just have to wait until the October 16, date the film will be released.

For those who are not yet familiar with Tokyo Ghoul, is a successful manga made by Sui Ishida, later taken to anime, and in which we witness the life and miracles of Kaneki, a boy who, due to fate, ends up becoming a Ghoul, a being who eats human flesh to survive (well, meat and some coffee too. Ghouls are very coffee-loving).

Now the key question is, how faithful will the film be to the manga? At the moment it seems that, at least, as far as special effects are concerned there will be no problem and it seems that that gloomy atmosphere that runs through the entire original series has been able to capture it quite well. The rest, we will discover from October 12.

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