7 alternatives to Google Play: Other Android app repositories

Google Play Store in Android it is something very similar to what Windows means in the environment of personal computers. It comes standard in most terminals and everyone uses it as if it were the only way to get apps for our device. But hey, there is still life beyond Google! For this reason, in today's post we open borders and enter the 7 great alternatives to Google Play: the other app repositories for Android.

The best alternative app stores to Google Play

In the following list we have omitted pirate app stores such as the Black Market or Aptoid -We will dedicate another independent article to these- and we have focused on the official app repositories that really represent a true alternative to the Google Play Store.

Amazon Appstore (Amazon Underground)

The Amazon app store is probably the great alternative when it comes to repositories of apps and games. It has a large catalog of apps and games, both free and paid, that we will not find in the Google store.

One of the most interesting things is that every day offers a totally free paid app. It also has a selection of books and movies at a price normally lower than what we find on Google Play. Of course, in order to enjoy it, it is necessary to have an Amazon account.

You can download the Amazon Underground app Here.

APK Mirror

APK Mirror is my favorite alternative to download apps in APK format. Unlike other similar websites, it is totally malware-free and a great source for download beta versions of popular apps before anyone else like those of WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

Access APK Mirror

Mobogenie Market

The Mobogenie app store has a lot of things: in addition to the typical apps that we can see on Google Play, it also has a recommendation engine to suggest apps based on our tastes that we should try.

Includes a file management tool and also offers ringtones, wallpapers and videos to download. All this without forgetting the PC client with which we try to facilitate the transfer of files and the installation of apps from desktops.

Download Mobogenie app


F-Droid is an app store that developers like a lot. All apps are free and Open SourceTherefore, if you see an app with a functionality that you would like to use in the application you are developing, you just have to enter, take a look at the code and copy it.

We can download the F-Droid app from your website.

APK Pure

Another website that, like APK Mirror, has a large application repository, but with the big difference that it also has its corresponding app. Divided into categories and with a good search engine, offers the possibility of downloading previous versions of the app on duty.

Download APK Pure app


GetJar has a large repository of free appsfor various platforms, including Android. GetJar's claim is to offer premium apps totally free, making those visits profitable with ads and sponsored apps (truth be told, they are not invasive at all and they don't bother too much, so there is no major problem in that regard either).

Go to the GetJar website


SlideME is another repository of apps that has both free and paid applications. Users can rate the apps, and as a point to take into account it must be said that each of the apps and games offered is manually tested and approved. No malware guaranteed!

Download the SlideME app

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