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One of the features that many people miss in WhatsApp is the possibility of programautomatic reply messages. That type of autoresponder that we can use in other applications such as Outlook, and that are great when we are out of the office to inform colleagues and clients.

What happens sometimes when we don't reply to a message immediately?

WhatsApp, being a more direct communication app, if we do not answer at the moment it is possible that our contact will write us another message, and then another, and perhaps even end up calling us. All for not receiving an answer at the moment!

For those cases it would be great to have a little autoresponder ready, in such a way that when a contact wrote to us in a chat, that message will be sent if we cannot (or do not want to) answer immediately.

The autoresponder function in WhatsApp

Unfortunately, WhatsApp still does not have this feature natively. But there are other companies that have thought about it and have developed the perfect application to perform this very useful automatic response function. We talk about WhatsReply, also known as WhatsApp answering machine, a simple and straightforward app that does exactly what it promises.

Schedule automatic sending with WhatsApp Answering Machine (WhatsReply)

WhatsReply is an Android app that sends a previously established response to all the people or groups that send us a message, if after a predetermined time we do not give them any reply.

The first time we launch the app, we will see a request for permissions from WhatsReply. Once accepted, the app is activated automatically, offering the possibility of making the following adjustments:


In this field we will enter the text we want to be sent to our contact when we do not want or cannot reply to your message.

Interval between replies (contacts)

Here we will establish the time limit that has to pass for the automatic reply to be triggered. We can choose between a minimum of 3 seconds and a maximum time of 15 seconds.

Interval between responses (groups)

The same as the previous one, but in this case for WhatsApp groups. Here the response margin is wider, and allows us to establish a response time of between 5 minutes and an hour. For the automatic response to also apply to WhatsApp groups, we must have the option "Enable for groups”.

As you can see, it is a very simple application that covers one of the most basic needs, especially if we use a business phone and communication is largely done through WhatsApp. Without forgetting how useful it can be with certain friends and heavy acquaintances who invade us with messages if we do not answer in less than 3 seconds.

In the following video, we do a little test run to verify that sending autoresponders works correctly:

UPDATED: It seems that this application is no longer available on Google Play. Anyway, we have other similar alternatives:

The app was not found in the store. 🙁 Go to store Google websearch Download QR-Code Auto Reply for WhatsApp Developer: Bilbo Soft Price: Free

In the case of WhatReply for WhatsApp, it is an identical app in functionalities to the aforementioned WhatsReply, and exactly the same when configuring it (see video above).

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