If they call you from the number 964867951 do not take it, it is a scam

Have you received any calls from the number 964 867 951 recently indicating that they call you from Vodafone and they have a great offer for you? Do not take it, as it is a phone scam. As reported by the Canary Islands Computer Crime Observatory (ODIC), the first official body to sound the alarm, it is a telephone scam whose sole objective is to obtain the victim's bank account number, as well as other personal information.

The hare jumped a couple of days ago, when the ODIC detected more than 10,000 searches on the web related to this telephone number, 964 867 951. A quick consultation on specialized pages such as Tellows, already gives us certain clues about the activities carried out from this number with a Castellón prefix. "A man responds with a very hoarse voice as if he were a gangster, he asks you without any shame for your bank details in exchange for lowering your telephone bill. As is well«, Indicates the testimonial of a user. "They pose as Vodafone, ask for bank details and ID. They offer savings on the Internet contract, they take advantage of the trust of the elderly. They forward the link for you to sign a contract that has nothing to do with it. We have denounced ...”Says another of the victims.

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The number 964 867 951 is not a commercial, nor is it from Vodafone

The technique used is what is known as phone phishing, a type of scam in which the cybercriminal impersonates another entity to obtain personal data illegally. In this case, they were offering really attractive, last-minute mobile phone deals to grab the victim's attention.

The Canary Islands Computer Crime Observatory has developed this investigation using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) techniques, collecting public information and relating different types of data. In this way, it has been discovered that it is a number belonging to the operator Jazz Telecom Sau, and that the phone does not appear in the Vodafone database as a commercial one.

What can we do to avoid falling for this phishing scam?

The best thing we can do to avoid falling for this scam is to add the phone number to our directory and save it with the name "Do not answer", and immediately after proceed to block it. Something that we can do both in our terminal and in that of any elderly relative that we have in our environment. And it is that unfortunately this type of illicit activities tend to prey especially with the most vulnerable groups in the face of technological crimes such as the elderly.

To block a phone number on Android, just enter the phonebook and long press on the number. This will display a menu where we will see the option of "To block”. On iPhone (iOS) the process is very similar: click on the "i" that appears next to the number and select "Block this number".

Without a doubt we are facing a scam that has managed to find the perfect timing to display its claws, at a time when confinement by Covid-19 has forced millions of people to stay at home, making them pick up the phone with a lot greater ease.

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