The 7 best applications to identify phone numbers

Having our contact book well controlled does not prevent us from receiving calls from unknown numbers from time to time. Whether it's a telemarketer, the tailcoat collector or our last Tinder match, we may consider not picking up the phone in the face of such uncertainty.

Before we decide to block a phone number roughly, we can always use a caller ID, that will help us to get some more information about that unknown number. Which are the best?

The 7 best apps to identify unknown numbers

Within the scope of call identifiers there are two types of tools. On the one hand we have web applications, where we just have to open the browser, enter the phone number and see the results. And on the other hand they are Android apps, which usually provide much more information.

The disadvantage of mobile applications is that they tend to get feedback from our own contact list to expand their database, so it should be taken into account before diving headlong into these types of tools (although we repeat, they are the most effective).

The best web applications to know who is calling you

Being the most “innocuous”, we started by reviewing the most prominent web pages to identify phone calls from strangers. If you know of any other that are worthwhile, please do not hesitate to share it in the comments area.


The Tellows website is wonderful. Simply enter a phone number in the search engine and it will give us a good number of data. For example, if it is a commercial call, it will tell us what is the name of the company, the type of call and the country of origin.

In addition to that, Tellows assigns it a score from 0 to 10 (positive-negative evaluation) and shows us a graph with the volume of inquiries that have been registered in the last month related to that number. The icing on the cake is that We can also read comments from other users, which helps us get a pretty good idea of ​​the type of call we are dealing with. It is free and does not require any type of registration.

Enter Tellows


Another excellent page for doing reverse phone number lookups. ListaSpam is the largest registration website for unwanted numbers in spanish, and the truth is that we have done a couple of tests and it works quite well with both commercial and private calls.

For each possible spam call we can see the number of times it has been reported, as well as the name of the company and the comments of the people, which most of the time speak for themselves. Free and without registration, highly recommended.

Enter ListaSpam


WhoCallsMe is a very useful tool when we receive unknown calls from abroad. His reverse number lookup covers the international scope, and at the time of this tutorial we have been able to verify its effectiveness with a phone call we received a few days ago from the Philippines!

For the rest, mention that it does not require registration of any kind, although yes, like most pages of the style it has a lot of publicity (they have to make the profits from some site, of course).

Enter WhoCallsMe

White Pages

This web app is perfect if we receive calls from the US, since in its database it has more than 90% of the telephone numbers available in the United States, which translates into more than 260 million telephones, including landlines and mobile phones.

If we live in North America and get a lot of unknown calls, this is the best tool we can find to do reverse lookups. It also has an app version for Android and ios.

Enter White Pages

The best apps to identify phone numbers on Android

As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, mobile apps are much more powerful: they allow us to identify the numbers during the call itself and even block them at the first ring if it is spam of any kind (robotic calls, teleshopping, etc.).


The application to identify phone numbers par excellence. It has an impressive database, both private and business numbers. Personally, it is the application that I use by default on my mobile and its results are generally very satisfactory.

Truecaller also allows you to block unknown SMS / spam, and has a whole plethora of extra features. It should be clarified that we must share our contact list to be able to use the application, since this is how, in part, the service is maintained. To give us an idea of ​​its popularity, it has more than 500 million installations on Android alone.

Download QR-Code Truecaller: ID and call log, spam Developer: True Software Scandinavia AB Price: Free


CallApp is a complete caller ID. Not only is it capable of giving us information about the caller, but it even shows us their Facebook posts (if they exist) showing a much more complete profile of the subject.

But the thing is not there, CallApp also allows record calls automatically (ACR), although when using the phone's microphone the quality is usually not very good. It also has a phone number finder, call blocker, and blacklist creation.

Download QR-Code CallApp: Caller ID and recorder Developer: CallApp Caller ID, Manage & Customize your calls Price: Free


This caller ID has been with us for a few years now, and the truth is that it has won many awards (best application 2016 and Google Play Store and most innovative award in the 2013 Play Awards). Its operation is quite similar to that of Truecaller: it allows us to identify calls before picking up the phone and informs us if any number is suspected of being spam.

It also allows you to block numbers, although one of its most interesting features is the possibility of dosearches your database offline.

Download QR-Code Whoscall - Caller ID & Block Developer: Gogolook Price: Free

If we don't want to install any external application, we can also use Google's own phone app, which is able to show in some cases the names of the companies and to block spam numbers.

Download QR-Code Google Phone - Caller ID and Antispam Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

It is not as complete as the previous ones, although the good thing is that many Android phones already have it installed as standard.

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