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When you buy a TV Box or an Android mobile, you expect to be able to use any app from the Play Store. But not all applications are compatible with any device. To begin with, if we have a rooted terminal, it is most likely that we will not be able to install Netflix-type streaming apps. Something similar happens with Amazon Prime Video, which until very recently simply it was not compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Box (and many other Android TV Box).

How can we do, then, to watch Amazon Prime on a Mi Box? The Xiaomi box is not rooted, and even so, the Amazon streaming app does not allow it to be installed through traditional methods in most of the Mi Boxes of the markup. Is there a viable solution?

4 proven methods to watch Amazon Prime Video on a Xiaomi Mi Box

Leaving aside problems of licenses, compatibility, and the fight between Amazon and Google to take over their presence in the new electronics for the home, there are 3 ways to watch Amazon Prime Video in a Mi Box.

1 # Update to Android 9

At the beginning of 2020 Xiaomi released one of its most important updates for the Xiaomi Mi Box S. An official update that brings Android TV 9 to all the multimedia boxes of the Asian company. One of the great news is that Amazon Prime Video appears as a pre-installed app in the system.

Therefore, look for any updates that may be pending in your Mi Box and update your system. If you have any questions, take a look at this video tutorial from the Solvetic channel.

If you have an original Xiaomi Mi Box - that is, the classic model - instead of the Mi Box S, this trick will not work for you. Try these other alternatives.

2 # Stream from your mobile or PC

The easiest way to watch Prime Video on an unsupported Mi Box or Android TV Box is to “cast”. That is, transmit the content from the laptop or mobile phone. For that, we only need to have a computer compatible with Miracast -most of them- with the Google Chrome browser installed.

  • First, we must make sure that both the PC (or smartphone) and the TV Box are connected to the same WIFi network.
  • From the PC we access // through Google Chrome.
  • We select the series, film or documentary that we want to see and we reproduce it.
  • Click on the 3-point button, located in the upper right margin of the browser, and select "Transmit”.

  • Next, we will see a pop-up window where a list of compatible devices for transmission will appear. We select the Xiaomi Mi Box (or our TV Box).

  • The content will begin to be broadcast through the TV Box on our television.

3 # Use Prime Video from Google Chrome

Another solution to watch Prime Video from the Mi Box, consists in install Google Chrome on the TV Box using "sideloading". The sideloading or side loading involves installing applications from unofficial stores.

It is quite useful when an app is not available in our country or is not compatible with our Android device due to manufacturer limitations. Of course, it is very important that in these cases we make sure to download the applications from trusted sources.

  • First, we download and install a file explorer on our Xiaomi Mi Box. We can use ASTRO, but any other file explorer for Android works as well.
Download QR-Code File Manager ASTRO Developer: App Annie Basics Price: Free
  • Now, we download the Google Chrome installation package in APK format from APK Mirror. We copy it to a pendrive and open it from the file explorer that we just installed.
  • If it is the first time we do sideloading, the system will ask us to enable the installation of applications of unknown origin. Once this is done, we proceed to install the Chrome installation package.

Sideloading apps do not appear on the desktop or main screen of Android TV. For this we have to go to "Settings -> Applications”And open the app in question. In this case, Google Chrome.

We can also install a launcher for Android TV that is capable of showing apps installed from unofficial sources. For example, Sideload Launcher or HALauncher.

Download QR-Code Sideload Launcher - Android TV Developer: Chainfire Price: Free Download QR-Code HALauncher - Android TV Developer: ITO Akihiro Price: Free

In this way, we simplify the process by moving to the "Apps" section of the Xiaomi Mi Box, opening the new launcher that we have just installed and selecting Google Chrome from there.

Load Prime Video from the browser

Now that we have Chrome installed, we open it and load the URL of // However, before we can see our favorite Prime Video series and movies we will have to make a couple of adjustments:

  • First, we must bear in mind that the version of Chrome that we have installed on the TV Box is designed for Android mobiles. That means that navigation is not going to be as smooth as we would like. To solve it, we can use CetusPlay, one of the best apps for Android TV. Thanks to it, we can use our mobile as if it were a mouse or touchpad to navigate much more comfortably. Note: we can also buy a remote control with keyboard and air mouse (they are not worth much and are extremely practical).
Download QR-Code CetusPlay-Best Android TV Box, Fire TV Remote App Developer: CetusPlay Global Price: Free
  • Finally, if Amazon Prime does not work correctly or if it asks us to install the Amazon app, we will do the following. Click on the settings menu (3-point button) located in the upper right margin of Chrome, and we will activate the version for computer. Thus, the browser will appear the same as on PC, offering a much more satisfactory experience.

4 # Install and run Amazon Prime Video using sideloading

Surely more than one will wonder why we don't install Prime Video and load it by sideloading. If it helps us to install Google Chrome, it should be the same for the Amazon streaming app, right?

Effectively. In this case, we only have to download Amazon Prime Video in APK format (HERE). Once installed, we use Sideload Launcher or open it directly from the "Settings -> Applications”From our Xiaomi Mi Box.

To finish, we just have to log in with our Amazon account and enjoy.

Apart from the commented methodsWe can also install Amazon Prime Video from unofficial sources, such as Aptoide. It would be enough to install this repository through a simple Google search. The result obtained would be the same as if we installed the application using sideloading.

In the end, it seems that the origin of the incompatibility between the Mi Box and Prime Video comes from the fight between Google and Amazon. All to gain a foothold in the devices of our home. They want to have a presence in the devices in our living room, yes. But also our kitchen, bedroom, etc., and that makes some devices stop serving some in favor of others.

In any case, and at least until Amazon decides to officially support Xiaomi Mi Boxes and other TV Boxes, we will have no choice but to use one of the safe-conducts that we have just mentioned. As always, if you know of any other tips to watch Prime Video from a Mi Box or have any questions, don't hesitate to visit the comments area!

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