In which folder are WhatsApp photos and files stored?

This is a question that more than one of us have asked ourselves at some point. If we like to sauce with the mobile or if we simply want to know where all the files we share on WhatsApp are being downloaded and saved, surely we are interested in knowing the location of all those photos, videos, audio tracks and other kinds of files.

This is the folder where all our WhatsApp files are stored

The files that you send us by WhatsAppOnce downloaded, we can see them in our gallery and in the rest of the multimedia applications, almost by magic. But what is its location exactly?

We know that these files by default are saved in the internal memory of the device, but from there ... we rarely pay much more attention to this matter.

The location of these files is as follows:

\ sdcard \ WhatsApp \ Media \

Inside this folder we will find a set of subfolders where they are stored all whatsapp files sorted by file type.

  • WallPaper: This is the folder where the WhatsApp wallpapers are saved.
  • WhatsApp Animated Gifs: Here we will find the GIF files and animations.
  • WhatsApp Audio: Audio tracks are stored in this folder.
  • WhatsApp Documents: The rest of non-multimedia documents are stored here, such as text files, pdfs, compressed files and others.
  • WhatsApp Images: Folder where all the photos and images that we receive by WhatsApp are stored.
  • WhatsApp Profile Photos: Photos of our profile.
  • WhatsApp Stickers: Folder where all the sticker packages that we have installed are stored.
  • WhatsApp Video: Location of the videos we share via WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp Voice: Notes or voice recordings made from WhatsApp itself are saved in this folder.

Note: In order to access all these folders and files we will need a file explorer. If our device does not include any of the series, we can install any app that fulfills this function, such as the ASTRO file manager or the app Google files. You can find other recommendations in the post "The 10 best file managers for Android".

Download QR-Code File Manager ASTRO Developer: App Annie Basics Price: Free Download Google QR-Code Files: Free up space on your phone Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

Where are WhatsApp Web files downloaded on PC?

In the event that we are using the web version of WhatsApp for the PC browser, things change a lot. By default, all those photos, videos and audios that we receive they are not stored in any folder on the PC. Technically, a copy of these documents is saved in one of the Windows temporary folders, but once we end the WhatsApp session, they are automatically deleted.

Therefore, if we want to keep a copy of any files that we receive through WhatsApp Web, we will have to do it via manual download.

  • From WhatsApp Web, click on the image or document that you want to download to your PC.

  • In the next window, click on the "Download" button that you will see in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • This will open a window where you can choose the folder where you want the file in question to be downloaded.

From here you can leave the file on the desktop, in the download folder or even create a new folder called "WhatsApp" on the computer to have all the documents received by WhatsApp well organized.

What is the use of knowing the location of these files?

The fact of knowing the location of all these photos, videos, audio tracks and documents It can come in handy if we are looking to free up some space on our device and we want to copy all these documents to an external memory.

It can also come in handy to find a specific file and we do not know who sent it to us, or if it is a very old document. And of course, if we have lost a photo or video from WhatsApp, it is always a good way to make sure or to check if we have really deleted the aforementioned file.

When we work with a PC we always know which folder we have to enter to search for a certain file, and that is a habit that in mobile systems such as Android, for example, rarely occurs.

In short, it never hurts to know these types of details or tips that help us maintain greater control over our device and about the information that we share and manage through WhatsApp.

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