How to factory reset an Android TV Box

An Android TV Box is very similar to a mobile phone. Yes, it has a different chip and the system interface changes a bit, but in essence it is practically the same. Therefore, after prolonged use, or if we have a performance problem, as with the mobile, it is necessary factory data reset device.

This is something that we will also want to do if we are faced with a possible “brick”. When we do a factory reset, the TV Box will be formatted, with the same applications and initial settings as when we took the device out of its box for the first time. It is what is commonly known as a "reset".

Factory Reset vs Hard Reset: What's the difference?

There are 2 types of “format” or factory data recovery:

  • Factory Reset: This is the simplest process. It is done from the device settings menu and returns the TV Box to its factory state. The data, settings and apps that we have installed by hand are deleted, but the applications that are installed as standard are kept.
  • Hard reset: The hard reset is the same as the Factory reset, it erases the data and keeps the pre-installed applications. To do a hard reset we usually have to perform some combination of buttons to access the recovery menu of the device and perform the deletion from there. It is usually done when the system is corrupt or even the Android desktop cannot be accessed.

Once we have reset the TV Box, the applications will work just as fast and fluid as at the beginning.

Important notice: is your Android rooted?

Before starting to restore the system of our Android TV Box it is important to consider whether the device is rooted or not. If so, we must be very careful, since in some cases doing a factory reset in Android when we have root permissions can cause a total blockage of the device.

To prevent this from happening, find a specific reset tutorial for your brand and model of TV Box. If we are reading these lines and our device is already locked or hangs in the boot menu, check method 2 that we explain a little further down, and when entering the recovery also erase the cache by clicking on «Wipe cache partition». Hopefully this will be enough for Android to load properly again.

How to reset an Android TV Box to factory state (Factory Reset)

If the TV Box still responds well and still allows you to navigate through its different menus and settings, the quickest thing is to do a Factory Reset.

  • We open the list of device applications.
  • We go to the menu of "Settings"Or"Setting”From the Android TV Box. IF the device is in English, it will appear under the name of “Settings"Or"Configuration”.
  • Click on "Storage and restoration”.
  • Choose "Factory data reset”.
  • In this new window, select "Factory data reset”.

When the device restores the factory data (this is a process that may take several minutes), we can reuse all the apps that came pre-installed, download applications and make the customization settings we want.

Method 2: How to reset the factory data of a TV Box by means of a Hard Reset

We will use this second method when the TV Box works really badly. Like when we reset the factory data of an Android mobile, TV Boxes also allow you to do it by pressing a button.

To carry out the process we need 2 utensils: a toothpickof wood - or any other “spike” made of a non-conductive material, not metal - and a USB keyboard -In some TV Boxes with the remote control is enough-.

  • The first thing we have to do is disconnect the device from the cable that leads to the power outlet.
  • We take the toothpick and insert it into the AV or SPDIF port. If we do a little pressure we will notice that there is a button that gives a little, making a kind of click.
Press carefully, let's not load the port.
  • Note: some TV Boxes have their own hole with the Reset button.
This TV Box has a reset hole.
  • We hold down the AV / Reset button for a few seconds, and then we connect the power cable again.
  • Without stopping pressing, we wait for the TV Box to start. It may take 5-10 seconds.
  • Instead of booting the system as usual we will enter the recovery mode. Now we can stop pressing with the toothpick.
  • In the recovery screen we will move the cursor to the option "Wipe data / Factory reset”. If the control of the TV Box does not work we must connect a USB keyboard (arrows to scroll and the tab key to hit enter).

  • We accept the deletion confirmation message (“And it is”).

The system will erase all data and restart. This process can take several minutes. Unless the TV Box is irretrievably damaged, the device will most likely work again like the first day.

As a last note, comment that for the screenshots of this tutorial I have used a Scishion V88. I have seen on the Internet that the hard reset also works in the same way for many other TV Boxes such as the MXQ and M8S. If we have a Xiaomi Mi TV Box we should not have many problems in this regard either.

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