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It has happened to all of us at some time. We are in an endless meeting that we would like to run away from desperately, or on a date that is not what we expected, even spending the afternoon with friends and we cannot find a way to say that we want to leave because we get bored and we are going to start climbing up the walls from one moment to the next. If you are like me and you are not able to come up with a credible and decent excuse, you need one of these apps for your Smartphone: Fake call, Prank call or Fake call. The functionality of these apps (available both for ios What Android) Its the simulate a fake call to your phone, thus finding the perfect excuse to justify our presence elsewhere and leave politely. Just what we need.

Simulating fake calls with fake call

Fake call is a free app for Android (on iOS you can download Fake-A-Call Free , also free) that allows you to simulate calls to your device through simple pre-programming. It should be clarified from the beginning that these calls they are not real, so we will not receive any surcharge on our telephone balance, on that side we can rest easy.

You can download Fake call and Fake-A-Call Free through the following links:

Download QR-Code Fake Call Developer: Alpha App Team Price: Free Download QR-Code Fake-A-Call Free Developer: Excelltech Inc. Price: Free +

To simulate the call, just open the application and select its parameters: The name of the person who calls us, their phone number, the ringtone and even the interface of the call, to make it as realistic as possible . Then we must click on "Keep”And choose when we want to receive the call.

Once the call is programmed, all you have to do is wait. At the right time we will see our phone rings with the "catch" call in question, and from there we can take the call or hang up the phone. If we take the call we will not hear anyone on the other end, since it is obviously a false call, and we are not making any connection with any party. On the other hand, if we hang up the call, it will appear as a missed call through a false notification on our phone.

Excuse me, I have a very urgent call to attend ...

Minimum requirements to install Fake Call

Both this and the rest of apps and programs to simulate calls do not require great technical displays., so nothing that we have an Android 4.2 or higher (sometimes they don't even need that) we can install these apps without problems. Regarding the weight of the program, this call simulator barely reaches 7MB.

Other programs to simulate fake calls

In addition to Fake Call or Fake-A-Call Free, there are countless clone applications that perform the same false call function. Many of them exceed millions of downloads, so there is not one that stands out too much above the rest.

Here are a few more apps to simulate calls from Android devices:

The app was not found in the store. 🙁 Go to store Google websearch Download QR-Code Fake Call Prank Developer: AppX Apps Price: Free Download QR-Code Fake Call Developer: Fortune Techlab Price: Free

Fake calls for pranks

Another quite popular branch within fake call apps are those dedicated to play phone pranks. These applications are basically dedicated to making prerecorded calls to one of our friends to prank them and then they are usually recorded so that we can have a good laugh.

If you want to cheer up with phone jokes you can try apps like Juasapp, Prank Dial or Joker App.

Download QR-Code JuasApp - Phone Jokes Developer: FunnyApps LLC Price: Free Download QR-Code JokerApp Jokes Developer: Digitalists Interactive Agency Ltd Price: Free Download QR-Code PrankDial - Phone Jokes Developer: KickBack, Inc Price: Free

In summary

Whether you want to play a joke on your friends, or if you are looking for an app to simulate calls and get rid of a bug, both Android and iOS offer a wide range of possibilities to choose from. Which one do you prefer?

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