Keyboard missing when updating to Android 7.0 Nougat Solution here!

Some time ago, when I updated my mobile phone to Android 7.0 Nougat I ran into a totally unexpected problem. When trying to do an internet search or trying to write a message to a friend, Instead of displaying the keyboard, Google's voice typing appeared. Whaaaaaat ??

Where is my keyboard?

The first option was access the configuration menu Google's voice dictation service, which is conveniently located right next to the button that activates the service.

From this configuration menu we can adjust the voice service options, but nothing that allows us to bring back our beloved virtual keyboard.

If we go to the general Android configuration options, we also do not see anything that helps us get out of the quagmire. On the virtual keyboard settings menu there is only voice dictation, but no sign of our long-awaited standard keyboard. What happened to the keyboard?

Installing the virtual keyboard of Google, Gboard

At this point I could only think that the keyboard had simply disappeared from the system after updating to Android 7.0. Since 2017 Google has changed the name of its virtual keyboard and has added new features, such as emojis, gifs and various other things. Now the Google keyboard is called Gboard.

I can only think that the standard keyboard I was using in Android 6.0 was no longer supported and that is why it did not appear in my recently updated terminal with Android Nougat. The solution inevitably passed through install a new virtual keyboard.

How to install a new virtual keyboard

The first thing we will have to do is open Google Play and look for a virtual keyboard that is compatible with our device. In my case I installed Gboard, but we could use any other. Obviously, to search for the app we will have to use voice dictation (or use the direct link to Google Play that I leave you below).

Download QR-Code Gboard - the keyboard from Google Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

Once the keyboard is installed, we will have to go to Settings -> Languages ​​and inputs -> Virtual keyboard. We will click on Manage keyboards and we will activate Gboard.

If we do not want to know about voice dictation again (I have gotten quite disgusting after this) we can disable it from this same menu.

Once this is done, the virtual keyboard will make an appearance again, and we can retype words and phrases with all their letters. Letters! I never thought I'd be so happy to see a complete alphabet.

Keyboard still not showing up on Android: other solutions

The truth is that the case that I just mentioned is quite specific, and this problem may also appear in more recent versions of Android. If the keyboard does not appear on the screen of your mobile or tablet, we can also try other things.

For example, if we get the error «Sorry, Android keyboard has stopped«, Another fairly common failure, we can try the following.

How to reset Android virtual keyboard

An action that usually works quite well is to reboot keyboard. This means that we have the keyboard installed, but that it does not operate normally. To solve it we will follow these steps.

  • We open the settings menu and go to "Applications and notifications -> See all applications."
  • Now, we look for the Android keyboard (GBoard, or whatever we are using). We click on it.
  • To restart the keyboard, click on «Force stop«.

Once this is done, we can write a message or browse to see if the keyboard works. When we have to write, the keyboard will restart, and if everything has gone correctly it will be operational again.

"My keyboard has disappeared and I still can't get it to work"

After this, if we continue without positive results we may have to start taking the matter a little more seriously. At this point, We will now list a battery of tests that we will have to apply to try to recover the always needed Android keyboard.

  1. Restart the device.
  2. Clear the keyboard app cache and data.
  3. Clears the cache and application data from the dictionary.
  4. Update the Google keyboard.
  5. Install a third-party keyboard. You can take a look here at some of the best keyboards for Android.
  6. Do you have a pending system update? Update your terminal.
  7. Restart the phone in Safe Mode and check if the keyboard works.
  8. Factory reset your phone or tablet.

This last solution is undoubtedly the most radical. In case of factory reset, always remember to make a good backup of your Android.

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