MT65xx / MT67xx USB VCOM Drivers: Download and Installation Tutorial

A large number of smartphones use processors Mediatek. This means that in order for us to flash and install ROMs in the terminal we need to install the corresponding CPU drivers. Essential for our PC to correctly detect the phone via USB.

The flashes will be done with the application SP Flash Tool. Yes, after download and install the MT65xx or MT67xx drivers, depending on our CPU model.

MT65xx / MT67xx Drivers Download

We can directly download the MT65xx / MT67xx USB VCOM drivers in RAR format from the following direct links:

  • MT65xx USB VCOM Drivers (Direct Download)
  • MT67xx USB VCOM Drivers (Direct Download)

Once we have them in our possession, we will proceed to carry out the installation process.

Mediatek drivers installation tutorial

Before starting it is important to clarify that this is a process that requires some patience. Have a glass of your favorite drink and get ready to spend some fun time in front of the computer.

The tutorial is oriented to Mediatek drivers, but the truth is that we can apply this same procedure for the manual installation of any other type of device drivers on our PC.

Step # 1: Delete all previous drivers

The first thing is to make sure that we do not create any type of conflict with the drivers that we are going to install. To do this, we will check that we do not have any other Mediatek driver installed on the PC:

  • Download the app USBDeview and run it. This program shows a list of all the drivers installed on the computer, and allows you to uninstall them one by one.
  • If we find some driver related to Mediatek, uninstall it by right-clicking and selecting "Uninstall selected devices”.
  • Restart the computer.

Step # 2: Install the MTxxxx preloader drivers

Now we get into flour directly. We unzip the drivers that we have downloaded above (MT65xx or MT67xx depending on our terminal) and execute "InstallDriver.exe" as administrator.

Next, we open the device administrator Windows, we click on the name of the PC (the object from which all the devices, display adapters, network adapters, etc., hang) and we are going to “Action -> Add Legacy Hardware”.

  • Click on "Next"And"Install hardware manually selected from a list (advanced) ".
  • We leave marked "Show all devices"And select"Next”.
  • We are going to "Disk" and "Examine”.
  • Find the drivers folder and locate the files inf and usb2ser_Win764.inf. If you have a computer with Windows 7 higher, they are in the folder Win7.
  • If your computer is 32-bit select the file inf. If it is 64, then usb2ser_Win764.inf.
  • In the next window select "Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port" and "Next”.

  • If everything has gone OK, a message will appear indicating that this hardware was installed correctly.

When installing the driver we will get a code 10 error. This is a normal error, since the certificate is not digitally signed.

At this point, we would already have the drivers installed, and we could start flashing the terminal with SP Flash Tool and our favorite ROM, install a custom recovery etc.

Step # 3: SP Flash Tool still not detecting the device?

If the system still does not detect the terminal, we will also install the drivers "MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port”. In principle with having the “Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port ” It should be sufficient, but there are cases in which it is required to install more drivers. We can add them one by one, until we install all those that are available, if necessary.

It is a process that depending on all the trash that we have installed on the PC will cost us more or less to carry out, but without a doubt, it can be achieved.

One last tip

If you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel and the computer does not detect the device in any way, a good action to take is the following:

  • Enter the Windows user configuration panel and create a new user with administrator permissions.
  • Close your current session and log in with the new user you just registered.

In this way, you will have a clean session, without temporary files or possible errors generated by residual files or configurations. Then repeat the installation process from the beginning.

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