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In certain situations have a good translator on our smartphone can save us the day. Whether for sightseeing or translating the instruction manual for a Bulgarian stove, having a quality translator can help us cross the fine line between success and absolute failure.

The best translators for Android

Android has several translators both online and offline of a very remarkable quality. If we haven't used any app to translate languages ​​for a long time, we will surely be surprised when we get our hands on one of these little marvels of communication.

Here are some of the best online and offline translators that we can find on Android in 2017:

Google translate

We begin the review of the best Android translators with the one that is probably the most complete translator of all. If you focus with the camera, you can translate the texts and images you see on the screen, it has a very good voice translator that also reads aloud what it translates in real time, and you can also enter the text to be translated manually. Come on, he has it all. It has more than 100 languages ​​and the translations are really tight and successful in most cases (Detail for freaks: it also translates Klingon). It also has offline translation for more than 50 languages.

Microsoft Translator

The spearhead of Microsoft's translator is that it allows you to download several languages ​​so that you can use it without having to be connected to the internet. Another point in its favor is that has a fairly elegant and clear interface. In addition, it has 3 types of translation modes: by voice, text or conversation. In conversational mode, what it does is divide the screen into 2, one for each interlocutor, and it translates from one language to another as we speak. It is noticeable, yes, that when we use proper names or brands it is difficult for him to carry out the translation. In any case, the best offline translator for Android together with Google Translate.


iTranslate is one of the most popular translators for Android with more than 5 million installations behind it. Among its features, we can say that it supports 91 languages, voice translation, dictionary with synonyms and transliterations.

It also has an "airplane mode" or offline, especially useful for trips abroad or when we do not want to spend data, but for this it is necessary to upgrade to the paid version.

Download QR-Code iTranslate - Language Translator and Dictionary Developer: iTranslate Price: Free


Duolingo is not a translator as such, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk about this great app. It is the ideal tool to learn languages- Contains small educational doses with simple questions, lots of pictures and exercises to increase and improve vocabulary. One of the highlights of Duolingo is that it allows you to set how long you want each learning session to last, being able to plan, for example, 10 minutes a day to practice your favorite language. I recommend that you try it yes or yes.

Voice Translator

It is a simple voice translator. We just have to choose the language we want to translate and it will open a chat conversation window, where the phrases will be displayed that we dictate with their respective translations. In addition to showing the translated text, we will also hear a person's voice reading the translation aloud. Of course, from time to time we will have to suffer the odd advertisement while using this app.

Yandex Translate

Have you ever heard of Yandex? As it turns out, Yandex is known as the Russian Google. No more no less. A great company with a great translator. Its app is very similar to Google Translate (it translates images, voice and text), but with the plus that you can download some languages ​​to use it offline. Of course, some languages ​​such as Spanish or English do not translate as well as it should, being widely surpassed by other apps such as Google translator.

Japanese Talking Translator

It is the best Japanese translator for Android. We can enter the text by voice or writing and it shows the translation giving the possibility of listening to the translation. It has a curious detail, and it is called "Word of the day", where a word is shown with its respective kanji and western transcription along with an example sentence. It can be a useful tool if you are learning Japanese and you already have a minimum knowledge acquired.

Language translator

This app developed by The Winning Key, is another of the first alternatives in Google Play as far as online translators are concerned. Very well valued by users with a 4.5, it already has more than 5 million installations behind it.

Especially oriented to the translation from Spanish to English and vice versa, although it has a catalog of 90 languages. Simple interface, without much artifice and easy to use.

Download QR-Code Language Translator Developer: La Clave Winadora SL Price: Free


The PONS translator dictionary is the ideal app to translate single words. It supports German, Arabic, Chinese, Slovenian, Spanish, French, Greek, English, Italian, Latin, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish, being able to combine languages ​​in both directions.

Download QR-Code Translator PONS Developer: PONS Price: Free

Another interesting point about PONS is that it offers example sentences, which is very useful to see the context in which certain words are often used.

R2D2 Translate

If you ever wondered what your name would sound like in the mouth of R2D2 this is your app. This small application collects our voice through the microphone and translates it into the language of the beloved C3PO companion. Are the translations really accurate? Well, the sound in principle imitates it quite well ... A simple app and without much travel, beyond spending a pleasant time being silly.

Download QR-Code R2D2 Translate Developer: apps'n'roses Price: Free

While rummaging through the Google store I have come across some really impressive and surreal “alternative” translators, and I promise you that I have been left with a terrible desire to tell you about some of them. But there is so much to tell that I think I'm going to save it and dedicate a full post to the subject.

And what did you think? Have you ever used any of these translators? What is your favorite?

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