W95 in review, an affordable TV Box with Android 7.1 and 2GB of RAM

Whenever we talk about TV Boxes, it is tempting to analyze only the most premium or those with the best features. But it is not only the high-end that man lives, and in terms of TV Boxes it is something that is especially accentuated.

A great example is the W95 TV Box, a “smart box” with Android for TV, in the full base range, which can become the ideal TV Box for those who are entering the world of this type of device for the first time and do not want to leave good money for it. path.

W95 TV Box in analysis, the perfect device to give a “Smart” touch to our TV Box in the most affordable way

In today's review we look at the W95 Smart TV Box, a device that today we can take home for just € 25 and that has the following characteristics.

Design and presentation

In the field of smart TV boxes, it is quite common to find unfortunate designs. It may be my thing, but I rarely come across someone who says “Wow! What looks cooler! ”.

The W95 is not that it has a spectacular design, but it has managed to maintain the premise of “the good if it is sober, twice as good”. We have an elegant design, without distracting decorations when placing it next to the TV in the living room. Contained but refined design that more than one will surely appreciate.

The TV Box also includes a remote control. Important fact, since not all devices of this type have it as standard, and in many cases it involves an extra outlay of about 10 euros.

This is a factor that we must always take into account when buying a TV Box, since there are not a few manufacturers who use this little trick to artificially deflate the price of the device.

Technical specifications

Regarding the table of technical details of the W95 TV Box, we find the following characteristics:

  • Amlogic S905W Quad core 64-bit CPU.
  • 2GB of DDR3 RAM.
  • 16GB of internal storage expandable by card.
  • Android 7.1.
  • Decoding with HEVC H.265 and VP9.
  • HDR10 technology.
  • WiFi IEEE.802.11 b / g / n.
  • 10 / 100M RJ45 Ethernet.
  • HDMI 2.0 port
  • 2 USB ports.
  • Dimensions of 11.0 * 11.0 * 1.7cm.
  • Weight of 105gr.

What can I do with a W95 TV Box?

For practical purposes this is a base-range TV Box but it does its job perfectly. Although we can install apps -for something uses Android 7.1- where it looks best is in its aspect as a multimedia center.

In addition to being able to connect external drives, pen drives and others to watch series, movies or listen to music that we have stored, we must bear in mind that we can also connect to the internet.

This means that we can use things like KODI and streaming video platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO or the same Youtube.

The Amlogic SoC that it uses is not the best in the world, but those 2GB of RAM help a lot to make the user experience satisfactory, ranking well above other similar TV Boxes, but with a single GB of RAM - which still There are, and many. In addition, the fact of having the latest version of Android to date is a point in favor.

Price and availability

The W95 TV Box is currently priced at€ 25.19, about $ 29.99 to change. A flash offer that will be available until the end of October on TomTop.

In short, a TV Box with a good value for money, perfect to give our TV a Smart touch at an affordable price.

TomTop | Buy W95 TV Box 16GB

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