What to do if the power button on your Android mobile is broken

Is the power button on your mobile broken? How can we lock or unlock the screen if the power button does not work? And the most important, how can we boot the phone if we can't use the damn button? It is clear that if we have reached this situation we have a rather serious problem, but do not panic (yet)! In the following guide we will try to solve it in the most dignified way possible.

What can I do if the Power button on my Android phone doesn't work?

The first thing we have to determine is if the mobile is on and has a battery. Unfortunately we are talking about the most important physical button on a phone, and being the one that receives the most use, it is also usually the first to start to fail.

The problem comes, therefore, when we try to turn on the terminal and we see that the power button does not respond. What we are going to try to explain next is how to turn on our Android without using the power button, and then, how to transfer its functions to another physical button, such as the volume control button.

Of course, if the mobile is still under warranty or we prefer to take it to a repair shop is something that we must consider in the first instance. On the contrary, if we prefer to hold out for a while until we buy a new terminal, we can try to get out of trouble with these little tricks.

If the mobile is still on, activate USB debugging and schedule an automatic start

First of all, if we still have some battery left in the phone, or the power button fails from time to time but can still be used, it is recommended that we do a couple of things:

  • Enable USB debugging: This will allow us to access the device by connecting it to a computer using a USB cable. To activate USB debugging, go to the Android settings menu and navigate to «Phone information«. If we click 7 times on the «Build number»We will see that now a new section appears in the settings menu called«Developer options«. We enter and activate the tab «USB debugging«.

  • Schedule an automatic start: Some devices offer the possibility to program both the switching on and off of the terminal automatically. Not all mobiles have this option, but just in case, go to the settings menu of your Android and look for it (it should be within the system settings or in a separate menu). In this way, the phone will automatically turn on every day at a certain time. It is not a trick that will save our lives, but at least it will help us to get out of the way.
  • Set an alarm: Some mobiles turn on automatically when they have an alarm set and the device is off. If your smartphone is still on, don't forget to set a daily alarm just in case. Hopefully it will help you keep your mobile on every day.

How to start the phone without using the 'power' button

The first major obstacle of a mobile with a broken power button is getting the operating system to boot. If our Android was off at the time of the disaster we have 3 methods that we can try:

  • Enter recovery mode: A good way to turn on a phone is to enter the recovery mode and load the operating system from there. This is done with the mobile turned off and performing a combination of buttons. Each device usually has its own combination of buttons: "Volume up + home", "Volume down", and so on. | More information in the post "How to access recovery mode on Android".

  • Use an ADB command: We can also boot an Android phone by connecting it to a computer and using the "adb reboot" command. | More information in the post "Basic guide to ADB commands”.

  • Connect the charger: Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective. Some phones have an autostart function when connected to a power source. Try plugging your phone into the charger.

Warning: not all mobiles allow this type of startup. In some cases, when the power button has stopped working due to a short circuit on the board, it is advisable to remove the battery Before trying to enter the recovery mode, use an ADB command or connect it to the charger.

How to turn the screen on and off with the broken power button

Now that we have the mobile up and running, the idea is to try to never run out of battery. But what about locking and unlocking the screen then?

For this we can use an app called "Gravity Screen", thanks to which we can turn the screen on and off by using gestures. When we put the phone upside down or put it in our pocket, the screen locks automatically, and it unlocks when we put it face up or take it out of the pocket. Tremendously useful and practical for a mobile with a damaged power button.

Download QR-Code Gravity Screen - On / Off Developer: Plexnor Price: Free

Here is a small demonstration video about how it works:

How to change the power function to the volume button

Another one of those really valuable applications from the Google Play Store is “Power Button to Volume Button”. As its name suggests, with this tool we can assign the functions of the power button to the volume button.

Download QR-Code Power Button to Volume Button Developer: TeliApp Price: Free

Its operation is as follows:

  • Once installed, we give it all the permissions that the application requests.
  • In the configuration screen, we activate the "Boot" and "Screen Off" options.

Once the initial settings have been made, the app will also allow us turn off the screen from the notification bar. An addition that can come in really handy when the power button on our mobile has passed away.

And that's all! If you think that I have left a trick or detail along the way or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop by the comments area.

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