The 10 best websites to download royalty-free music

As the name of the post suggests, this time we come with a small guide with some of the best sites to download free music royalty-free. Perfect for developing our own multimedia projects, such as YouTube videos, podcasts, animations or any other form of audio-visual creation.

It should be noted that "royalty-free music" is not the same as free music. Royalty-free music includes a license that allows us to use that song for life. However, this license may have a monetary cost, or as in most websites that we will see below, the obligation to cite the author of the musical piece in question.

Top 10 Websites to Download Royalty-Free Music

Before we get into flour, if we also need a good bank of audios and sound effects, do not forget to go through this other POST where we will find a dozen extra sources that perfectly complement the content that we will see below.


ccMixter began in 2004 as a series of remix contests organized by Creative Commons and Wire magazine with musicians such as the Beastie Boys and David Byrne. It includes instrumental music and various loops in MP3 format for movies, videos, video games and all kinds of commercial projects.

It is not necessary to register to download the music, although the way to do it is a little different from the rest. Once the track we want to download has been selected, an online player opens in the browser and we must select "Save as" in order to download the corresponding file.

Visit ccMixter


Here we will find a selection of more than 200 songs by the artist Moby, with some songs never published until now, some well-known and others completely new. If we want to obtain a license to use a theme, we just have to press the "download" button and fill out a short form telling a little what we want to use their music for. At the moment, we will receive an email with a link to download the audio in a high quality AIFF file.

Visit Mobygratis

YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has a huge audio library with free music and various sound effects. In essence, it is a source that offers music designed for the content creators of its platform, but anyone can enter and download all the music they want in MP3 format for their own personal project. All we need is to have a Gmail account.

The search engine allows you to filter the music by genre, duration, mood, instrument and attribution. Best of all, using this song catalog it is almost impossible for us to receive any complaints about intellectual appropriation, since the attribution details are perfectly explained next to each music track.

Visit YouTube Audio Library

Purple planet music

In the Purple Planet Music collection we find an extensive selection of songs from different genres composed entirely by 2 musicians based in Leeds and Manchester. We can download any song that interests us in MP3 format and at a quality of 192kbps by mentioning the author of the work in our project. It includes a section with 30-minute pieces with relaxation music, ideal for therapies, massages, yoga sessions and the like.

Visit Purple Planet Music


The Taketones website mainly draws on short instrumental songs. The tracks are in MP3 format and the search engine allows us to filter by genre, mood or instrument through several categories: corporate, rock, pop, children, cinema, ambient, hip hop, jazz funk, folk, and electronic.

The site is run by 5 professional musicians who have composed a lot of music for various products and now make it available to everyone for free. Downloads require registration, but the truth is that, although there is not much material, what there is is of a high quality. A good place to go in search of original melodies that have not been used ad nauseam (something that may happen to us if we feed on YouTube music).

Visit Taketones


Musopen focuses primarily on classical music. The website requires registration and includes 3 usage plans. The first is free and allows us to download up to 5 MP3 songs a day in standard quality (lossy).

We can do searches by instrument, composer, license and other types of factors. As additional content, they also offer scores and educational material completely free without any copyright restrictions. To top it off, it also includes a radio that broadcasts classical music 24 hours a day.

Visit Musopen


Bensound's audio bank includes both instrumental and sung music from genres such as folk, pop, rock, jazz, acoustic, electronic, urban music, and more. It does not require registration and we can download all the songs totally free, with a small indication on each track of the attribution rights. Using your music in audiobooks, podcasts, songs, and remixes is prohibited.

Visit the Bensound website


The Incompetech page includes a good number of songs created by Kevin MacLeod. When downloading the track we will see the attribution text that we must include if we want to use any of its songs. It does not require registration and allows filtering by genre, tempo or duration. Normally next to each song we will also see a link to the corresponding YouTube video and iTunes.

Visit Incompetech

Free Loops

This website specializes in loops of all kinds in varied formats such as WAV, MP3, AIF and MIDI. Here we will find sequential loops of drums, sinters, vocals, basses and fx sounds. No registration required.

Visit Free Loops


Website where we will find an interesting handful of instrumental music created by the owner of the page, Jason Shaw. The audios can be downloaded in MP3 format without registration and includes a search engine that we can use to filter content by genre, mood or tempo. As in ccMixter, when we click on a track a player will open in the browser and we will have to right click to select "Save as" and be able to download the audio.

Visit Audionatrix

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