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Have you ever thought about learning to play the guitar but you don't have time or it seems too complicated? The ukulele is a very similar instrument, very fun and also has a reputation for being much easier to learn. In addition, if we decide to buy a ukulele, it is likely that it will be much better in price than a good guitar or a good bass with similar characteristics. Do youYou want to learn to play the ukulele from scratch? In this case, you will surely be interested in taking a look at this post.

In my long career as a music fan I have learned to defend myself with various instruments, and I can assure you that everything starts from the same place: perseverance. Therefore, although the online ukulele courses that we will see below we can take them whenever we want, it is recommended that we dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to practice.

Free ukulele courses in Spanish for beginners

Here is a selection of the best courses online and in Spanish to learn to play the ukulele without spending a penny. All these tutorials are aimed at beginners, and are taught through platforms such as Udemy, YouTube, Tutellus and specialized websites such as Ukulele Girl or Guitar in Pajamas.

Express ukulele: learn to play in less than a month
Learn to Play the Ukulele in 20 Days (Part I)
FULL Ukulele Course
How to Play the Ukulele in 8 Minutes - Basic Notes - Strumming
Complete ukulele course (by Guitartutos)
How to learn to play the ukulele (by Guitarraenpijama.com)
Ukulele Course (Edutin Academy)
Ukulele Lessons and Tutorials for Beginners (by Learn Play Uke)
Ukelele Primeros Pasos (by Ukelelespain.com)
Learn to play the ukulele (by Ukelelegirl.es)
Ukulele course for beginners (by Rumboguitarra.net)
Ukulele course for the impatient (by Ukulele Leon)
The 7 chords to play it all on ukulele (by ChachiGuitar)
20 Songs with 4 Chords | SUPER EASY Ukulele Tutorial (by Mica Amatti)
4 Chords 15 Songs! TUTORIAL (Lindsey’s Uke)

Other free ukulele courses

If we master English a little, we can also access a wide range of free ukulele courses. Next, we collect some of the most relevant within the Anglo-Saxon community.

So you've got your first ukulele (PDF by Ukelelehunt.com)
Free ukulele lessons (by Ukelele tricks)
Ukelele lessons (by Ukeleleunderground.com)
Ukulele lesson (by st.rim.or.jp)
Learn how to play your uke (by Liveukelele.com)
The uke
Ukulele lessons: Fundamentals (by Lynda.com)
Learn to play ukulele (by Will Grove White)
Free ukulele lessons (by Csukeleleacademy.com)
Ukulele begginer course (by Justinguitar.com)
Ukulele sample lessons (by Rockclass101.com)
30 day ukulele challenge (by Bernadette Teaches Music)
Ukulele lesson 1 (by Andy Guitar)
5 day series (by AllForUke)
The Ukulele Teacher

Song Tutorials for Ukulele

Learning the basics, the basic chords and tuning the instrument is great, but what about the songs? To finish, we also collect a score of video tutorials to learn to play some current and classic songs of a lifetime.

TUSA - Karol G ft Nicki Minaj (Ukulele Tutorial)
Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee - Despacito (UKULELE TUTORIAL)
How to Play "Hakuna Matata" by EL REY LEON | EASY Ukulele TUTORIAL
Radiohead - Creep UKULELE Tutorial (Easy)
Stand By Me (Ben. E King) Ukulele Play-Along!
How to Play LLORONA by «COCO» | EASY Ukulele TUTORIAL
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (IZ) - Ukulele Tutorial
To not see you anymore Ukulele - The fly Tse Tse
How to Play «Tutu» by CAMILO, PEDRO CAPO | EASY Ukulele Tutorial
Lemon and salt- Julieta Venegas (UKELELE TUTORIAL)
Maybe - Paulo Londra (Ukulele Tutorial)
How to play MY FAVORITE PERSON on ukulele
Another drink- Sech (Tutorial / Cover ukulele)
How to Play REMEMBER ME from «COCO» | EASY Ukulele TUTORIAL
Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry ukulele chords
Cafe Tacvba - How I miss you my love (UKULELE TUTORIAL)
Let It Be (The Beatles) - Ukulele Play-Along!

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