Convert a PC DVD player to an external DVD player

Large computer manufacturers are increasingly advocating digitization. Mac OS X users were well aware of this when Apple decided to remove the CD / DVD drive from their MacBook Air a few years ago. And Microsoft, which always has an eye on what the lords of the block do, has started to do the same. Could we then use an internal DVD reader and convert it to an external DVD drive for our new PC?

How to convert an internal DVD reader into an external reader

Tablet PCs with Windows 8 or 10 do not have an optical reader due to simple “space” logic, but it is increasingly common to find laptops and computers with Windows that are sold without the usual disc reader. Without a doubt, for some this can be a problem, what do we do with all those ripped discs and all those shows and movies that we have been piling up for years?

If we still keep an old PC or laptop at home a super practical solution can be to convert your internal DVD reader into an external reader. It is an extremely simple task that will not take us more than 15 minutes. For this we will only need:

  • A housing for the reader
  • A screwdriver
  • Desire to sauce

Unmounting the DVD drive and remounting it independently

The housings for readers are usually very well priced, and you can find them for just under 10 euros. A recommended option isSalcar's carcass, available in 2 colors and compatible with 12.7mm SATA disks -most DVD players-.

IMac and Macbook Pro users they also have the possibility to get a specific case for DVD and SuperDrive drives. This box of TOOGOO It also costs a little less than 10 euros, with an uneven assessment by users who have tried it - some do well and others not so much.

If you don't want to spend money and you have a hard drive enclosure At home you can also reuse it for your DVD reader and thus avoid the expense (yes, let's see how you manage to put the reader in the case ...).

The process to convert an internal DVD reader / writer into an external DVD player is so simple that with 4 annotations everything is said:

Step 1: Remove the internal DVD reader from the PC

Remove the DVD player from your old computer. For this you will need a screwdriver and a good hawk's eye to locate all the screws that hold the reader to the PC case, by the grace and miracle of Bill Gates.

Step 2: Insert the reader into the case and make the connections

Plug the reader into the new outer case. Some cases usually come with small red SATA connectors, and others simply connecting them to the internal controller is enough.

In the image that we see below we can check the format of the input where the SATA should be connected.

Note: If we want to know more about the SATA (Serial ATA) data transfer interface we can take a look at the following Wikipedia entry.

Step 3: Wiring and Plug and Play

Connect power and a USB cable to the reader and plug it into the notebook, tablet, or laptop. These devices are usually Plug and Play so no drivers need to be installed.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Take a drink to your health for a job well done.

How do you see an inexpensive and simple solution to be able to continue using your discs in your new device without having to buy a new reader (which are not so expensive, either).

External DVD players: a practical and just as inexpensive way out

If we are going to buy a case and what we want is a quick solution to get a reader / recorder / player for CDs and DVD discs again, perhaps it will pay us more to buy an external reader. Especially if the DVD drive of our PC is very old.

Its price is usually around 20 euros, they are lightweight and probably have a much longer lifespan than our old reader. Here are some of the best proposals currently:

  • TopElek CD / DVD Recorder and Reader: A portable external drive with USB 3.0 of Alumino. New Ultra Silm External Optical Drive Compatible with Windows / MAC OS for Apple / iMac / Macbook Air / PC / Notebook.
  • Salcar- USB 3.0 DVD Drive External DVD and CD Burner: Ultra Slim Aluminum Multi Engraver DVD +/- RW for use with any laptop / PC with Windows and Mac OS for Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac silver.
  • Salcar - Portable CD / DVD Recorder Reader: USB 3.0 Wired Recorder, External DVD-RW CD-RW DL Drive for Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or other type of notebook.

Finally, if you still want to continue salting, take a look at the post I wrote a while agoHow can I reuse my old PC? where you will find a lot of crazy ideas.

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