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If you have always wanted to learn to play the guitar but you are lazy to go to private lessons or you have not found the time to start, this can be a great day. Below we have compiled an extensive collection of free courses for learn to play the guitar from scratch that can come like a glove. Or as a pick for your future rock star hand.

As a guitarist with almost 20 years of experience, I can assure you that the first lessons are usually the most important, and from there, everything is a matter of evolving by yourself working on the concepts that interest us most according to our style. That is why it is very important to get a good base, and practice on our own. Practice a lot.

Free guitar courses in Spanish for beginners

Among the free online courses in Spanish that we link we find courses to learn all the basics, from reading chords, how to pick up the guitar, how to play the frets, perform beats, strums, simple arpeggios and various technical exercises.

The courses are available on platforms such as Udemy or Tutellus and on specialized websites such as Live Guitar, One-Click Guitar, Guitar in Pajamas and many others. Do not lose sight of them!

Guitar for everyone
What you should know before starting to play the Guitar
14 Daily Guitar Studies
Live Guitar - Beginner Guitar Course
One click guitar
The cuerda.net
Study Free
100 guitar lessons
Free Guitar Course (Android App)

Courses in English to learn to play the guitar

The truth is that there is a lot of good material to learn basic guitar in Spanish, but if we also master English the possibilities multiply almost infinitely. At Udemy alone there are more than fifty free online courses that play many styles, from blues guitar, to church music, acoustic guitar, beginner riffs or the rock of a lifetime.

10 of the best guitar riffs for beginners
15 Essential Blues Guitar Licks
A beginner`s guide to fingerpicking and strumming guitar »
Acoustic Guitar Basics
Acoustic Guitar For Beginners
Basic Guitar Technique: Finger Independence and Exercises
Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Course
Beginner Guitar Strumming Patterns - Strumming Patterns
Beginner Guitar System
Beginner’s Guitar Course Part 1
Beginner’s Guitar Course Part 3
Beginner’s Guitar: Tuning, Strumming, and Chords!
Bluegrass Guitar Essentials: Webisodes 1 & 2
Blues Guitar For Beginners
Blues Guitar Guide (Beginners)
Complete Guitar Tutorial
Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons
Fingerpicking guitar for beginners
Fingerstyle Guitar Mastery: 3 Techniques You Need To Know
Free Guitar Lessons - Very Brief Introduction
Free Ultimate Beginners Guitar Lessons - Part 1
Getting Started with Playing Guitar
Guitar - Beginning to Improvise
Guitar - Pop Songs For Beginners
Guitar 101: The Essential Guide For Absolute Beginners
Guitar 201: Breakthroughs
Guitar Crash Course (No Experience Necessary)
Guitar Dyads
Guitar essentials
Guitar Exercises for Speed ​​and Accuracy - Beginners
Guitar Kick Start
Guitar Lessons - String Bending And Vibrato Essentials
Guitar Playing Crash Course for Beginners
Guitar Scales For Beginners
Guitar Technique Mastery: The Ultimate Chop Building Workout
Guitar to church / restaurant (Brazilian method)
Guitar Tunings 101
Hands On Guitar: Beyond Beginner
Hands-On Guitar: The Beginner’s Guide
Harmony and Theory for Guitar Players
How to Start Soloing on Guitar: Beginner Friendly Guide
Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar
Introduction to Fingerstyle Guitar for Beginners
Learn Guitar Basics in 7 days for Complete Beginners
Learn Guitar Chords - A Guide for Beginners
Learn Guitar in 21 Days
Learn how to play guitar and master an instrument
Learning modes on guitar
Music Arrangement For Guitar Players
New Guitarist Guidebook & Checklist
Queens Of The Stone Age - Little Sister - Guitar Tutorial
Tapping Guitar For Beginner by Carlos Lichman
Ten Essential Skills for Guitar Players
The 80/20 Guitar: Write Music and Play Guitar in 30 Days
The Essentials of Acoustic Guitar Strumming Patterns
The Guitar Gym
The Top 24 Guitar Hacks & Tips for Beginners
The Total Beginner’s Guitar Course
What You Need to Know Before You Learn to Play the Guitar

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