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Are you tired of eating the same 4 dishes every day? Would you like to learn how to cook healthy food by expanding your personal recipe book? Below we have collected an interesting selection with the best free online cooking courses that we can currently find on the internet. Shall we take a look at them?

During the content curation process to prepare this list, we have taken into consideration cooking classes taught on educational platforms such as Udemy and Tutellus, where we can obtain certificates that certify the completion of said courses. We will also find a good handful of courses available through other platforms such as AulaFácil, as well as specialized websites, such as DirectoAlPaladar, or extensive courses via YouTube loaded with more than interesting material (Master Chef School, and others). Of course, all of them in perfect Spanish.

50 free online cooking courses for beginners

Mexican cuisine, Japanese cuisine, vegetarian cuisine, pastries, pasta, sauces, meats, barbecue, gourmet cuisine and much more. As the popular saying says "In variety is taste", so put on your favorite kitchen utensils, dust off your chef's hat and don't forget that a balanced diet is the best trick to lead a turbo-maxi-healthy life. Let's go there!

Creative Kitchen
Paella: The Original Recipe Step by Step
Learn to cook croquettes without wasting time
How to pre-make food in the kitchen
Cooking course (Direct to the Palate)
Learn salty pastry without wasting time
Master Chef School
Vegetarian Recipes
Learn how to make a traditional Scottish cake
Roast course | Grill course
Chicken Recipes
Cooking course with Thermomix
Home cooking
Vegetarian cooking course (L’Union Restaurant)
Easy and delicious empanadas recipes
Spanish cooking courses
Recipes with rice
Course of picaderas and sandwiches for business
Easy party snack recipes
Japanese cuisine
Mexican food course
How to cook Pasta
Gourmet kitchen
Learn Indian Cuisine
Latin American cuisine
Learn to cook cakes without wasting time
How to prepare creams and soups
Sweet crepes
Essential cooking course (33 videos)
Food handling
Learn how to make my traditional cakes
Cooking school (compilation 579 videos)
Basic cooking course (The cook at home)
21 cooking hacks few people know
Spanish cooking course (compilation 502 videos)
Complete course by chef Pablo Salas
Types of basic cuts in the kitchen
Cook one day for the whole week
20 cooking hacks from the world's most famous chefs
Cooking with children
French and Spanish food class from chef Carlos Atria
Healthy cooking workshops: Vegetarian cooking
Cooking classes with Jaqueline Henriquez

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