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Since the green giant broke into our lives the web is full of supposed super funny WhatsApp conversations (Ahem!). Surely more than once you have thought that of "Come on! That's more rigged than my cousin's tailpipe! " Certainly. Do you want to know how they do it? Today in The Happy Android ...How to create fake WhatsApp chats!

WhatsApp Fake Chat: the WhatsApp chat simulator

WhatsApp Fake Chat is a web page where you can create fake WhatsApp chats and customize them to be as realistic as possible. Be careful, it is not a third-party application that works within WhatsApp or similar, it simply creates chats that you can then export or download as if it were a screenshot.

It is the ideal web application to make jokes or fool your friends with some inspired conversation (totally false, of course).


The WFC chat generator is very intuitive and consists of 4 customization blocks:

  • Phone Settings: Here we will include the profile photo, name, operator etc.

  • Battery Options: Battery level settings that will show the fake chat
  • Connections: WiFi connection, 3G etc.
  • Messages: From here we will write the conversation that will be displayed on the screen.

Once all the data has been entered, we just have to click on the button "Download image”To download the screenshot of the chat we just created.

The truth is that this web application is very well executed and takes care of every detail so that the conversation is as faithful as possible to an authentic WhatsApp conversation. There are no advertisements or pop-ups, which is also welcome.

In addition to this service, the creators of WhatsApp Fake Chat have other websites very similar to this one, such as Fake my Text Message (creates fake SMS messages), Fake my call ID (fake calls) and Fake my email (fake emails).

The web of WhatsApp Fake Chat It also has another section in which it tries to teach you how to fake chats in a supposedly real way. My advice: forget about the latter and just have a good time creating funny conversations between celebrities, friends or family. It is much more fun.

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