The best download managers and accelerators for Android

When we are not connected to a WiFi network, every byte counts. Downloading images or videos can become an ordeal if the download is cut or the download speed is reduced. What's more, the download manager that comes standard on Android is very basic and a cut in the connection can ruin a file that we have been downloading for a long time. "Download failed”, “Download failed”. What a rage! To optimize the management of file downloads on Android, nothing better than a good download manager.

Download managers: What are they for?

A download manager is an app that takes care of manage, optimize and speed up file downloads. We are not talking about the downloads we do from Google Play or update tasks that are carried out in the background, but about all those PDF files, photos or videos that we download from the internet to our Android terminal.

With a good manager we can perfectly handle several simultaneous downloads without problem, resume failed downloads, avoid cuts, improve download speed, define a maximum number of threads per download, and ultimately, boost file download on our device.

The best download managers / accelerators for Android

Today we can find 4 or 5 really good download managers and accelerators on Google Play that stand out above the rest of apps of this type.

Advanced Dowload Manager (ADM)

One of the best download managers for Android. With more than 10 million downloads and highly rated by users, ADM has the following functions:

  • Multi-threading for downloads.
  • Automatically re-download if you get an error or the download is cut off. unexpectedly.
  • Schedule downloads.
  • Allows you to pass download links from .txt files.
Download QR-Code Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader Developer: AdvancedApp Price: Free

Turbo Download Manager (TDM)

Although TDM only works with direct download links, it is probably the one that best integrates with web browsers. It has a very interesting function and that is that it allows you to choose the source of the download source. Thus, if we choose the source closest to us we can improve the download speed. Point Blank, the developers of the app, indicate that it increases the download speed by x5. It seems an overly optimistic statement, but in some cases a substantial improvement may be noticed.

As for everything else, it has the same functions as the rest, it allows you to pause downloads, put them in a queue, etc.

Download QR-Code Turbo Download Manager (and Browser) Developer: Point Blank Price: Free

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)

Light as it is by itself, the DAP app weighs no more than 1.3 MB. But that is not why it is less powerful than the rest. Its functions include:

  • Simultaneous download with multiple threads or threads per download.
  • Supports downloading in the background and with the screen off.
  • It allows you to view downloads by categories and date, which makes it easier to find a specific download.
  • It has automatic link capture when you copy a link or click on a download button.
  • Pause and resume downloads, and also automatic retry of failed downloads.
Download QR-Code Download Accelerator Plus Developer: rubycell Price: Free

IDM Download Manager

Another download manager that really takes up little space and has great popular acceptance. The user interface is quite lazy (not to say ugly directly), but otherwise it is a very complete download manager and it improves the speed of the downloads in an efficient way.

Download QR-Code IDM Download Manager ★★★★★ Developer: Mobile Download Manager Price: Free

Loader Droid

A download manager designed specifically for Android, capable of offering very good speeds by dividing the download into several parts. In addition, it has the following functionalities:

  • Automatic detection of downloadable links in Android browsers.
  • Allows pause, as well as schedule downloads.
  • Capable of downloading files of any size and saving them to SD.
  • Includes an integrated browser.
  • It lets us establish with what type of connection (4G, wifi) each link is downloaded independently.
Download QR-Code Loader Droid Developer: Dmitry Voronkevich Price: Free

As you can see, they are all very similar apps with proven performance, so in the end it will depend more on our aesthetic tastes to choose one or the other. What is clear is that if we want to improve the management of our downloads on Android, a good download manager and accelerator such as those mentioned above are a highly recommended option.

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