The best apps to send money to other countries (international)

Wire transfers are fine, but they require a lot of bureaucracy in some cases. Sometimes we just want to send a few dollars or euros to a relative abroad, quickly. And of course, they don't charge us a commission, or at least it is as low as possible. In today's post we will see what are the best apps to send money internationally, safely and easily from your mobile.

The 7 best apps to send money internationally without extra costs

Before we begin, it should be mentioned that some really popular applications are only available in some countries. It is the case of Venmo, one of the most popular apps to send money in the US, which unfortunately has not yet been implemented in Spain. Solution? Pull on any of these other alternatives. Much more effective when it comes, especially, to make international transfers.


Excellent app to send money to other countries. TransferWise's goal is to make transfers as cheap and transparent as possible. One of its most positive aspects is that It does not have a minimum transfer limit. It uses the mid-market rate (in some cases, up to 8 times cheaper than banks) and supports payments with Apple Pay.

Among the aspects to improve, mention that it still does not have cash collection (the famous "common pot") and that it "only" supports the change to 28 different currencies. In any case, one of the most recommended and safest apps to send money abroad.

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World Remit

One of the best apps to send money internationally. It does not have a minimum transfer amount and works for more than 120 countries around the world. It offers quite competitive exchange rates and allows cash pickup.

Rates change depending on the amount to be transferred and there is a limit on the amount of money we can transfer. Otherwise, one of the best rated applications in the sector, with a 4.5 star rating on Google Play.

Download QR-Code WorldRemit, money spins Developer: WorldRemit Price: Free


Venmo was bought by Paypal, something that helped the company to improve its own application. The platform allows you to send money in a really simple and safe way: we only need the recipient's email or phone number to be able to send some cash.

Best of all, it allows you to make transfers to practically any corner of the planet. When we talk about sending money over the Internet, we must definitely recommend Paypal.

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OFX Money Transfer

OFX is an app specialized in international transfers. It allows send money to190 countries and supports more than 50 different currencies. Includes rate alert to take advantage of the best times to transfer, exchange rate history and transaction tracking.

Transfers are free without commission and offer better exchange rates than some banks. Among the negative aspects is the minimum sending limit, which must be greater than 175 USD (about 150 euros). It does not accept credit card or cash as payment methods.

Download QR-Code OFX Money Transfer Developer: OFX (OzForex Limited) Price: Free


Verse is an app to send money that works without commissions, although it does not have any bank behind it. Founded by 3 Spaniards, works at European level being one of the most recognized currently in 2019.

With Verse we can send, request, transfer or receive money instantly with the mobile at no cost and safely. It also allows you to make a common boat, to control joint expenses (perfect for trips with friends).

Download QR-Code Verse - Pagos Developer: Verse Technologies Price: Free


If you live in Spain, this is one of the tools to send money that you will have heard the most about. It is a simple way to send and receive money between friends, family, make purchases online or pay in stores. It is something like a kind of virtual wallet with which you can pay as long as you have your mobile phone at hand.

For practical purposes, there is no Bizum app as such, but each bank offers its own application with which to make payments through Bizum. Money transfers are instant and free. The idea behind this utility is that we can make payments without having to know the recipient's bank details, such as the IBAN. Although as a requirement it is necessary that the recipient of the money has an account in one of the banks compatible with Bizum.

Today in Spain practically all banks are associated with the platform, from Bankia, through La Caixa, Bankinter, Kutxabank, BBVA, Sabadell and the rest of the major banks that operate in our country (in total around 25 entities) , so its use can be very convenient.

To know if our bank is compatible and to be able to download the corresponding app, we only have to enter the Bizum website, where we will find all the links to install the application.

Visit the official Bizum page

Cash App

Cash App is a digital wallet, very similar to Venmo, that allows its users to send and receive money. However, it offers some extra features that make it really interesting.

On the one hand, allows you to send money by email. This means that it is not necessary for the recipient to have the app installed on their mobile. You just have to have an email address to be able to receive money.

Another interesting point is that also supports Bitcoin. Users can buy and sell Bitcoin through the Cash App without paying commissions.

Register QR-Code Cash App Developer: Square, Inc. Price: To be announced

Personally, although this is a very downloaded app and with a good general rating in the Play Store, I would recommend only making small transfers. It seems that the most recent comments from Cash App users are quite negative (as far as technical support is concerned), so I would advise keeping it "in quarantine", at least for a while.

And that's all. If you know of other apps to send money internationally that are worth it, do not hesitate to leave your recommendation in the comments area.

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