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A friend has just told you who has discovered an app that does magic, friend, magic! You take your mobile with all the illusion in the world and open your Google Play Store to install it at lightning speed, but oh: «Error: The app could not be downloaded due to an error (905)«. Error 905, what the fuck is this?

It should be noted that although installation errors are not as common in Android as in other systems, error 905 is usually one of the most common and it usually happens especially with large installations.

How do I fix error 905?

To solve this error you have to uninstall all updates from Google Play Store:

  • From the Android Settings menu go to "Applications"Or"Application Manager”.
  • Locate Google PlayStore and click on it. Choose "Clear cache" and then "Uninstall updates”. Restart your phone or tablet.

In this way you erase the temporary files and also the Play Store returns to its "factory" state, so you should not have problems re-downloading that application that was giving you the happy error 905.

What if after doing this I still get the damn error?

In this case, a solution may be to install the app by hand, downloading the application installation file on our own from an internet page. You can use websites to perform this type of app download safely or search for the file in Google by putting «App name» + apkor similar (for example "Clash of Clans apk". Remember that to install a file that does not come from Google Play it is necessary to go to the phone settings to "Settings -> Security»And enable the installation of this type of application by checking the«Unknown origins"Or"Unknown sources«. Note that it is necessary to accept the warning message to enable the mentioned option.

Once the installation of .apk files is enabled, you will only have to find the installation file of the app that you just downloaded in .apk format and open it. A message will appear asking if you are sure you want to install said app and once accepted the installation will be carried out.

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