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If we have an Amazon Prime account, in addition to enjoying all the advantages that this service offers when buying on Amazon, you have a little extra. That plus is called "free access to Amazon Prime Video." Prime Video is Amazon's streaming platform, and it has a lot of series and movies, in the purest Netflix style.

Amazon Prime Video, in addition to having its corresponding app for mobile devices and PC, It also has a version for PS4. The bad news is that Prime Video is not available on all Playstation 4 alike, as it has regional blocking.

This is the reason why, depending on our country of origin, we may never have been able to see this application among the list of applications available in our PS4 store. But don't worry we can skip this restriction, and in a fairly simple way too.

How to install Amazon Prime Video on any PS4

The solution is to create a new PS4 account and establish our location in the United States, Spain or any other region where the Prime Video service is available. That is, as easy as create a US or Spanish PS4 account, and voila, we can install Amazon Prime Video. As icing on this juicy cake, we can also install other applications that we have restricted by region, such as PS4 media player.

How to create an American PS4 account

To create an American PS4 account we simply have to create a new user profile in the console and associate a new Playstation account that we are going to create expressly for the occasion.

The steps to follow are those:

  • From the main menu of PS4 we go to the settings of "Feeding"And select"Change user”.
  • Click on "New user", and then "Create user”.
  • We accept the user agreements and click on "Next”.
  • On the next screen we will “Is this your first time using PlayStation Network? Create an account".
  • Now click on "Sign Up Now" and we select our country or region. In this case we will choose the USA.

  • We enter our date of birth and language (English).
  • Now for the trickiest part. In the countryside "Postal Code”We have to enter a valid postal code from the United States. We mark "33166”Which is the CP corresponding to Miami, and the rest of the data will be filled in automatically. We press "Next”.

  • Now we just have to enter a valid email account (where they will send us the account activation email) and a password. We uncheck the 2 boxes - so that they do not send us advertising - and click "Next".
  • Finally, we enter our profile data: name last Name and online identification. We press "Next”.
  • To finish, click on "Confirmed”On the next 3 screens and we accept the license terms.

Once our American PS4 account is created, we will go to our mailbox and look for the account confirmation email. We activate it by clicking on "Verify Now”.

We return to the screen of our PS4 and click on "Already Verified”. Congratulations! American account created and verified!

Now yes, install Amazon Prime Video with your new user

Now that we already have a PS4 user with an American account, we just have to go to the PlayStation Store and look for the application "Amazon Prime Video”And install it. We will see that there is also new applications that we had not seen so far, and that now we can also install on our PlayStation.

Don't worry, Prime Video will also appear on your regular profile

Once all the desired applications are installed, we can return to our lifelong user profile and forget about the user we just created. Both Prime Video and the rest of the new services will also be available in our beloved regular user.

As you can see, it is a process that we can carry out in just over 10 minutes and that opens the doors to a good handful of new applications.

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