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In recent times we have seen the rise of tablets with Windows 10 as the operating system. It is a format that has already been standardized, but that has meant that in these couple of years we have not seen so many tablets with Android as the main operating system. Today we carry out an in-depth review of one of the most powerful bets in this regard within the Android world today, the CHUWI Hi9 Plus.

We are talking about a tablet with an important set of features that we could place within the most premium mid-range in this type of device, displaying a very controlled quality-price ratio. We have 2.5K screen, Android Oreo, Dual SIM slot, good autonomy, stylus compatibility and the possibility of attaching a keyboard for greater comfort in office automation tasks.

CHUWI Hi9 Plus in analysis, a premium Android tablet with 2.5K screen, Helio X27 and dual SIM for calls and data

CHUWI is a manufacturer specialized in tablets, laptops and ultrabooks. Something that has allowed them to refine and perfect each new device that they put on the market. I have a CHUWI Surbook Mini with Windows 10 at home, and the truth is that I was interested in seeing how the Asian manufacturer manages the jump to the Google operating system. Let's see!

Design and display

The CHUWI Hi9 Plus mounts an IPS OGS screen of 10.8 inches with a 2.5K resolution of 2560x1600p and a pixel density of 320dpi. Without a doubt, one of the high points of this tablet. All this with a 2.5D curved glass body and unibody metallic black casing. It has a weight of 500 grams and dimensions of 266mm x 177mm x 8mm. It has a USB Type-C charging port, headphone slot and magnetic side with keyboard docking port.

In general, we are facing an elegant tablet with a refined design, rounded edges and a fairly light weight for what we are used to seeing in devices of this size. An interesting detail is that the power button is red, which makes it quite easy to turn the screen on and off. It is still an unimportant detail, but it certainly denotes intention, something to take into account.

Power and performance

Entering the guts of the CHUWI Hi9 Plus we find a SoC Helio X27 10-core running at 2.6GHz, Mali-T880 GPU, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage expandable via micro SD. All this with Android 8.0 Oreo at the command of the ship.

At the software level, the terminal is totally free of bloatware, with very few applications installed beyond the necessary ones (Chrome, Google Drive, YouTube and the rest of Google services). Navigation is very fluid and we have not noticed any jerks during the week that we have been using it.

It also presents good performance when playing games, although we can perceive some small lag in very few moments when we talk about AAA titles with too much graphic load (something that no one is spared on devices below 500 euros). In any case, it is still a highly recommended device to play, thanks to a screen that highlights the spectacular nature of the most colorful games.

To give us an idea of ​​its performance we have carried out a benchmarking test in Antutu, obtaining a remarkable result of 105,521 points.


The cameras are not usually the most poetic point of the tablets in general. Here the Hi 9 Plus the truth is that it defends itself quite well, with 2 8MP front and rear lenses that yield more than acceptable results to make video calls and some photo or other at any given time.

In the image below, the photo on the left is taken with the selfie camera. The one on the right corresponds to the rear camera.


Regarding the autonomy, we find a 7,000mAh battery with charging via USB type C. The charging times are not brilliant but they are quite good, with a battery that lasts 2 to 3 days of moderate use (surf, watch some videos, read comics, write). Times that can undoubtedly vary depending on the use that we are going to give it. In general, more than satisfactory.

Keyboard and stylus pen

One of the great advantages of the Hi 9 Plus is that we can attach a keyboard to perform office automation tasks. This broadens the range of utilities of the tablet in case we are going to use it to write and do work. In addition, the keyboard fits perfectly to the magnetic base of the tablet, protecting the screen when we fold it on itself. It is not a very large keyboard, but the keystrokes are fluid and it does its job perfectly.

The Hi 9 Plus's stylus has a sensitivity of 1024 layers, and it feels really good when handled on the surface of the screen. The only downside I can put right now is that it uses a rather unusual battery (it is thinner than normal), although from the outset it doesn't seem like anything that can't be solved by doing a quick online search.

Price and availability

At the time of writing, the CHUWI Hi 9 Plus is available on Amazon at a price of 219 euros (€ 237 if we add a keyboard and stylus). In other sites such as AliExpress we can also find it for prices that range between 200 and 240 euros.

More information on the official website of CHUWI.

Opinion and final assessment

We could say that the greatest virtue of the CHUWI Hi9 Plus is its versatility. On the one hand, we have a lightweight Android device with a good screen to watch videos, install apps and navigate. On the other, we have a work tool that can give a lot of play thanks to the stylus and the magnetic keyboard. And finally, we have an Android terminal with a SIM card slot, which means that at any given moment we can make calls, use WhatsApp and surf the Internet without having to depend on a WiFi network.

It also does not have any fault or section that tarnishes the whole, resulting in a balanced device. It does not have HDMI output, but considering that USB is OTG, it allows video output from its USB type C port. In short, an Android tablet with a good value for money, elegant and attractive that we should not miss. of sight if we are looking for something that is a little above the average but at an affordable price.

Amazon | Buy CHUWI Hi 9 Plus

AliExpress | Buy CHUWI Hi 9 Plus

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